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My Winchester Mysterey NeoVim Configuration.

Warning: This is my personal configuration, subject to experimentation and radical rewrites periodically, rebasing on new configurations the Github Gods throw my way and other things that may make this unstable for you to use. Nonetheless feel free to take from it as you please and even submit pull requests if it so pleases you, that's why its on Github/Gitlab ;]


As you may have become aware reading other NeoVim configurations' files, even personal configurations such as this one usually have a focus or their authors try to build them around a guiding principle or two. NVChad for instance is very concerned with the minimization of whatever "bloat" means in the context of a terminal text editor that (unlike emacs...) loads almost instantly.

The configuration this was based on is focused on providing a certain, principled maximumism that means that the author goes so far as to not remove any functionality, which is an admirable goal that made it a natural choice for use as the basis of this configuration as all the tooling I wanted just needed to be enabled, but also not my focus in particular and so that is not continued in this configuration.

Ok so what the hell is your focus than dude?

Without wanting to fall into the typical and annoying cliche this usually means, I want to have my terminal text editor to fuse into the already ergonomic modal text editing environment all of the other features that I use in IDEs (for lua, I have tended to use VSCode and for web, I think WebStorm is the least painful option to use and all its limited plugins seem to work unlike critical plugins in VSCode like eslint).

So this means things like treesitter and various LSPs should be working,

Credit Where It Is Due

Based substatially on KrakenNvim and 100% of the credit for the expansive snippet selection included with this repository belongs to pagankeymaster who did an excellent job assembling a useful selection of snippets for an impressive number of languages, frameworks and markup languages.

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