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Not actively maintained anymore

A work in progress Minecraft client in Go. Don't expect it to go anywhere, just doing this for fun.



Steven with Nether style background and a resource pack

Steven's server list after disconnecting from a server


To build:

export GOPATH=your/install/directory
go get

To update, run go get with the -u option.

Requires csfml libraries and headers to build.

What works

  • Connecting to servers
  • Online mode
  • Rendering most blocks
  • Block model support

What doesn't work

  • 99% of Minecraft's features


I generally am on the irc network in the #think channel. Feel free to pop in to say hi, Webchat can be found here



# Linux OS X Windows
x64 Issue
x32 Issue Issue

Older builds can be found here


Via the Offical Minecraft launcher

Profile example

You need to create a new profile (or edit an existing one) on the Minecraft launcher and modify the profile to look like the above but replace the path to steven with the location you built it at or downloaded it too and change the server parameter to the target server. Currently only works in online mode (with no plans for offline mode currently). If the server parameter isn't passed then a server list will be displayed.


Just running steven via a double click (Windows) or ./steven (everything else) will bring up a login screen followed by a server list which you can select a server from.

Providing a username, uuid and access token via the command line as followed: --username <username> --uuid <uuid> --accessToken <access token> will skip the login screen and jump straight to the server list. Providing a server address via --server <server>:<port> will skip the server list and connect straight to the server. As it currently stands providing all the arguments allows for the client to parallelise connecting to the server and loading the textures/models/other assets as a 'quick connect'.

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