Lightweight and library-agnostic Lavalink implementation


Tyr is a lightweight and library-agnostic Lavalink implementation.

Tyr includes a connection manager class for Eris.

Getting started with Eris


Tyr includes a ErisPlayerManager that replaces the built-in manager from Eris

const Eris = require('eris')
const bot = new Eris('cooltoken')
const { ErisPlayerManager } = require('@thesharks/tyr/eris')

if (!(bot.voiceConnections instanceof ErisPlayerManager)) {
  bot.voiceConnections = new ErisPlayerManager([
      host: 'localhost',
      port: 8080,
      password: 'youshallnotpass',
      region: 'eu', // what region is the node in?
  ], {
    shards: 2, // how many shards are you running?
    userId: '107904023901777920' // what's the user ID from your bot?


To join voice channels and manipulate players, use the same methods you'd use with Eris

bot.joinVoiceChannel('302538492393816086').then(player => {
  // do something cool with the player

Playing tracks is done by first calling <Node>.loadTracks

const player = bot.voiceConnections.get('110462143152803840')
player.node.loadTracks('ytsearch:qFDP9egTwfM').then(result => {


The connection manager will try to balance players to nodes that are the least busy, and are in the same region as the guild the player is created from. By default, the connection manager recognizes the following regions and what voice servers they correspond to:

  asia: ['singapore', 'hongkong', 'russia', 'japan', 'india', 'dubai'],
  eu: ['europe', 'amsterdam', 'london', 'frankfurt', 'eu-central', 'eu-west', 'vip-amsterdam'],
  us: ['us-west', 'us-east', 'us-central', 'us-south', 'brazil', 'vip-us-west', 'vip-us-east'],
  africa: ['southafrica'],
  australia: ['sidney']

It's possible to override the default regions by passing a new object with regions when constructing the connection manager

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