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WWDC20 Sample Code

Sample code from WWDC20 on GitHub. Allows you to easily open code samples in Xcode.


  • Adopting Menus and UIActions in your User Interface
  • Building a Feature-Rich App for Sports Analysis
  • Building Widgets Using WidgetKit and SwiftUI
  • Fruta: Building a Feature-Rich App with SwiftUI


  • Accessibility Design for Mac Catalyst
  • Adding Hardware Keyboard Support to Your App
  • Adding Shortcuts for Wind Down
  • Asynchronously Loading Images into Table and Collection Views
  • Building a Custom Peer-to-Peer Protocol
  • Building Custom Views in SwiftUI
  • Creating a Mobility Health App
  • Creating Accessible Views
  • Creating and Updating Complications
  • Creating NFC Tags from Your iPhone
  • Customizing Scribble with Interactions
  • Detecting Hand Poses with Vision
  • Detecting Human Body Poses in an Image
  • Developing a Safari Web Extension
  • Displaying Human-Friendly Content
  • Drawing with PencilKit
  • Enhancing Your iPad App with Pointer Interactions
  • Implementing Alert Push Notifications
  • Implementing Background Push Notifications
  • Implementing Interactions Between Users in Close Proximity
  • Implementing Modern Collection Views
  • Inspecting, Modifying, and Constructing PencilKit Drawings
  • Integrating Your App with Siri Event Suggestions
  • Loading and Displaying a Large Data Feed
  • Managing Audio with SiriKit
  • Messaging a Web Extension’s Native App
  • Monitoring System Events with Endpoint Security
  • Providing Hands-free App Control with Intents
  • Receiving Voice and Text Communications on a Local Network
  • Soup Chef: Accelerating App Interactions with Shortcuts
  • SpeedySloth: Creating a Workout
  • Supporting Multiple Users in Your tvOS App
  • UIKit Catalog: Creating and Customizing Views and Controls
  • Visualizing a Point Cloud Using Scene Depth

Graphics and Games

  • Accelerating Ray Tracing Using Metal
  • Adding Custom Functions to a Shader Graph
  • Adjusting Saturation and Applying Tone Mapping
  • Blurring an Image
  • Creating a Collaborative Session
  • Creating a Fog Effect Using Scene Depth
  • Creating a Game with SceneUnderstanding
  • Creating a Metal Dynamic Library
  • Creating a Multiuser AR Experience
  • Equalizing Audio with vDSP
  • Finding the Sharpest Image in a Sequence of Captured Images
  • SwiftShot: Creating a Game for Augmented Reality
  • Tracking Geographic Locations in AR


  • Adopting Picture in Picture Playback in tvOS
  • Capturing Stereo Audio from Built-In Microphones
  • Creating a Slideshow Project Extension for Photos
  • Editing and Playing HDR Video
  • Playing Haptics on Game Controllers
  • Recording and Streaming Your macOS App
  • Selecting Photos and Videos in iOS
  • Writing Fragmented MPEG-4 Files for HTTP Live Streaming

Developer Tools

  • Autosizing Views for Localization in iOS
  • Autosizing Views for Localization in macOS

App Store and Distribution

  • Determining Service Entitlement Using Node.js
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