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Tech Reborn for 1.16 Build Status

Tech Reborn is a completely standalone tech mod including tools and machines to gather resources, process materials, and progress through the mod.


Remember to always backup your worlds before adding or updating mods!

Recommended Releases

Versions we determine are stable enough can always be found on our CurseForge page. The top file on this list should always be the latest recommended release of Tech Reborn.

Development Builds

Jenkins builds of TechReborn are compiled directly from this repository. Please remember to backup your worlds, ESPECIALLY before using a jenkins build of TechReborn. Before reporting a bug, we highly encourage trying to reproduce the bug with the latest jenkins build in a seperate environment, to make sure we haven't fixed it already.

If you're looking for the latest bleeding edge build, these are found on our Jenkins page. Use these with caution, and please do not put these in modpacks:

1.15.1 - Build Status

1.14.4 - Build Status

1.12.2 - Build Status

1.11.2 - Build Status

1.10.2 - Build Status

Issues and Suggestions

To report an issue or make a suggestion, please head up to the Issues tab up above, and open a new issue. You will need a GitHub account for this (it's free!). It is very important that you include the version of Tech Reborn you are using in your issue report.


Techreborn is available in a range of diffrent languages, if you want to help out translate the mod please see our crowdin project at The translations are automaticly included in the jar files at build time.


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot



  • Modmuss50 - Lead Developer
  • Gigabit101 - Developer
  • Prospector - Developer & Texture Artist
  • Drcrazy - Developer
  • Yulife - Lead Texture Artist
  • The Chisel Team - Connected Textures if Chisel is installed


Tech Reborn is licensed under the MIT license. Full license is in

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