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UE4 Minimal is an attempt at a dark theme for Unreal Engine 4. Currently compatible with UE4.20 and up. This theme works by replacing images in UE4's Engine/Content folder - My hope is to go full minimal with this theme and address the iconography of UE4.

UE4 Minimal Screenshot 01 UE4 Minimal Screenshot 02

I've also included PSDs of any file that I've touched - Layer 0 in these PSDs is the original image, should you wish to modify or make changes yourself.

This is all done in my free time, and is something I consider spending a couple months perfecting - So please be patient!

For latest updates on progress, follow me here:

Twitter: @codekittah


Unreal Engine Forums:

Alessa ❤️

How to install:
  1. Navigate to your Engine\Content folder.

  2. Make a copy of these two folders: "Editor" and "Slate" this will be your backup if you would like to revert the theme, otherwise you'll have to reinstall the engine.

  3. Download or clone the repo, and copy the "Editor" and "Slate" folders into your Engine/Content folder. You will be asked to override a few thousand files, hit yes.

  4. Should you want the Graph Nodes in blueprint/material editor to be the old versions, Do not copy and replace the "Editor/Slate/Graph" folder.

  5. Once all is done, open the editor and enjoy your new minimal theme.

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