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Simple Maven Dependency Downloader for Spigot Plugins

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Dependency Loading

  • Specifically Entered in the Config
  • Loaded at runtime by other plugins

In Config

    version: 1.1.1
    group: org.jetbrains.kotlin
    artifact: kotlin-runtime
    always-update: true
    version: 1.1.1-eap-26
    group: org.jetbrains.kotlin
    artifact: kotlin-stdlib-jre8

Tags, 'always-update' and 'repository' are optional and explained in the default config

By a Plugin

public final class ExampleDepend extends JavaPlugin {

	// How Plugins will store Dependency IDs
	private static final Dependency KOTLIN_STDLIB = new Dependency("Kotlin-EAP", "1.1.1-eap-26", "org.jetbrains.kotlin", "kotlin-stdlib-jre8");

	static  {

	 * The Dependency will most likely not exist when this instance is created, so the main class should never reference it
	 * Instead create other classes to handle it, ie. KotlinClassThing

	public void onLoad() {
		// Plugins can either call load from onLoad and then have normal usage in the onEnable

	public void onEnable() {
		// "Normal Usage", at this point the Dependency will be loaded and available
		new KotlinClassThing();

		// Or Plugins could use this sort of logic in the onEnable alone, the instance of Database will be created after the dependency is loaded
		DLoader.getInstance().load(KOTLIN_STDLIB, KotlinClassThing::new);

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