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Awesome Open Source


A hub for ACNL item ID's! To be used with these ACNL Hacks!
Go here to see what an item looks like before you spawn it in!


Use these ID's with Text to Item on the cheat code.
Type in the ID of the item you want and press X + D Pad Right to write that item to slot 1 of your inventory.
Some of these ID's can be used for Seeder, Emotion Changer, and other cheats.


ACNL NTR Plugin (Source) (Discord)
All-in-One Editor (Source) (Forum)
Offline Editor
Pattern Editor
AC:HHD NTR Plugin (Source)
Luma NTR Plugin


ID List
LeafTools (Source)
ACNL Music Swap
ACNL Rom Hacking
Animal Crossing: Wild Leaf


All credit goes out to marc_max, RyDog, Slattz, and everybody else who's supported and created ACNL hacks.
And thank you to Bowain for the French translation.


If you read in a different language, please use the Translate Web Tool, Google Translate, Translate Extension, LeafMax,
a partial French translation, or an alternative (apologies in advance).


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