Windows Presentation Foundation Sample for Simple MVVM Toolkit Express
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Avalon5,74340184 years ago37February 07, 2018122otherJavaScript
an elegant efficient express mvvm framework
Valley Tpl21
4 years agoJavaScript
JavaScript Template Engine For ValleyJS
6 months ago6mitKotlin
Social media app to ask and answer user questions and interact with users
Node Library6
3 years ago3CSS
全栈项目 使用nodejs作为后台 vue作为前台 使用axios进行交互 使用代理解决跨域问题(本项目已废弃,作者正在写新版本)
4 years agomitC#
Windows Presentation Foundation Sample for Simple MVVM Toolkit Express
Meteor Chatroom4
7 years agoJavaScript
5 years agoCSS
5 years agoagpl-3.0JavaScript
Anonymous appraise system
Youtubeplayer Kotlin2
5 years agoKotlin
simple mock Youtube-like player using MVVM-Architecture Components(Data-Binding, Room, ViewModel, LiveData), Dagger2, Retrofit and RxAndroid and Backend in NodeJS with mongodb
Alternatives To Simplemvvmtoolkit.samples.wpf
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Simple MVVM Toolkit Express: WPF Sample

  1. Create a new WPF project using Visual Studio 2015 or higher
  • Target Framework: .NET 4.6
  1. Add the SimpleMvvmToolkit.Express NuGet package

  2. Use Code Snippets Manager to add the Simple Mvvm C# code snippets

  3. Add Models folder

  • Add Customer class
  • Use mvvmprop snippet to add properties
    • CustomerId, CustomerName, City
  1. Add Services folder
  • Interface: ICustomerService
  • Class: MockCustomerService
  1. Add ViewModels folder
  • CustomerViewModel
  • MainPageViewModel
  1. Add Locators folder
  • Add NuGet package: SimpleInjector
  • Add ViewModelLocator class
  1. Add ViewModelLocator to app resources
  • App.xaml
  1. Add Views folder
  • Add NuGet package: Expression.Blend.Sdk
  • Add NuGet package: System.Windows.Interactivity.WPF
  • Add User Control: CustomerView.xaml
  1. Update MainWindow
  • Add DataContext
  • Add CustomerView
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