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Awesome Open Source

These are the Home Assistant configuration files used in my Home Assistant (HA) setup. I relied on repositories of other HA users quite a bit when I was getting started for ideas and example code. Hopefully this repository will help someone else who is getting started.


A detailed description of each of my automations and a link to the yaml file is located HERE

This is the most important part of Home Assistant! Remote control and voice commands are nice, however, that is not home automation, just remote control. Automations should make your life easier, look at what you do every day, the simplest things, and automate them. To me Home Automation is collecting data about your home and automatically acting based on that data.

My Home Assistant Setup:

I run my home assistant instance on a Lenovo ThinkCentre M920Q Tiny with a i5-8500T low power processor. I am running VMware ESXi to allow multiple virtual machines on the same hardware. The base operating system of the VM is HomeAssistant Operating System and it runs the Home Assistant core. It also runs the following add-ons:

I'm currently running Home Assistant version 2021.2.2.

Connected Devices:

Cloud Controlled Devices:

  • Google Nest Hub Used for voice commands to turn devices on/off and casting a view with a few switches
  • iPhone 11 Used for presence detection

Wifi Connected Devices

Zwave Devices

Hardwired Devices

*Block these from external network access and they will still work on your local network with Home Assistant.

Front End Screen Shots:




Device Status


UI Based Integrations:

The following integrations are setup in the User Interface (UI) and may be a missing peice as to the full configuration of my HA setup.

A Few Stats On my Setup:

Tracked Devices Binary Sensors Lights Helpers Switches Automations Scripts Sensors Zwave Devices Total Entities
52 26 21 11 10 79 8 56 17 275


I created a repository with the theme(s) I use and also a version of the default theme. It is structured to help you identify the base variables available in Home Assistant to aide in tweaking a theme or creating a new one. The repository is HERE

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