一款美观、实用的天气app。实践了模块化架构 和 Android Architecture Components
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4 years ago7Java
一款美观、实用的天气app。实践了模块化架构 和 Android Architecture Components
3 years ago2gpl-3.0Kotlin
Kotlin MultiPlatform App (Android, iOS, JVM & JS). MVVM/MVP - Kotlin MultiPlatform
Weather App Android Mvvm31
a year agoKotlin
Simple MVVM practice repository for very very beginners. You don't need to know about Dagger, Coroutine or Rx for understanding MVVM and this project. To check the MVVM Architecture Bengali Tutorial visit my blog site
3 years agoJava
AmapWeatherApp(高德天气):an amap-weather android app that implements MVVM architecture using LiveData, ViewModel, Room, DataBinding, WorkManager, and Retrofit2&Rxjava2.
5 years agomitObjective-C
iOS app that displays your local weather in a simple, intuitive language
2 years agoJava
Weather Forecast application with five days of weather data and beautiful UI.
Mvvm Openweather Kotlin Test7
5 years agoKotlin
Retrieve Weather Information from CurrentWeatherData API to show an example concepts of MVVM and Kotlin
Weather App Android Mvvm Dagger7
a year agomitKotlin
a year agoKotlin
Weather App with MVVM using OpenWeather API
3 years agoSwift
iOS weather app using RxSwift and MVVM pattern
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app, Android Architecture ComponentsAndroid Hub

knowweather.apk O(_)O


  • moudle
  • Android Architecture Components
  • JobSchedulerJobService
  • ...



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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");you may not use this

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Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under

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governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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