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Serverless Golang

A list of serverless resources, tools, and frameworks specifically for Golang. Please feel free to fork and send pull requests to include additional links (trying to keep things alphabetically ordered). This list is, in some ways, a subset of and inspired by some of the other lists out there like and is intended to work the same way (both of those lists you should also check out by the way).

Platforms & Services

Serverless platforms and services that support Go (where you can run your functions)

AWS Lambda - AWS Lambda will allow Go through a wrapper (see tools below) - allows you to run Docker containers billed by the second and is a fully managed PaaS...and those are the reasons why it's roped in with "serverless" (shameless full disclosure: my referral code in URL)

Iron Functions - has open sourced it's Functions platform which lets you run Docker container to run functions

Microsoft Azure Functions - Azure Functions will allow Go through a wrapper similar to AWS Lambda

OpenFaaS - Functions as a Service - Serverless platform/framework for Kubernetes, Docker Swarm,, DC/OS and Rancher


Projects with more robust goals than simple deployment.

λ Gordon - Gordon is a tool to create, wire and deploy AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation

Aegis - A serverless application development framework for AWS (including a separate deploy tool)

Apex - Build, deploy, and manage AWS Lambda functions with ease

Fnproject - The container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform

Golang Serverless - Golang support for Serverless framework

Sparta - A Go framework for AWS Lambda microservices

Stand Alone Deployment Tools

Tools that aren't quite frameworks, but are intended for getting your Go code easily deployed to a serverless provider.

azul - A tool for deploying and running Go in Microsoft Azure Functions

cloudfunc - Deploying Google Cloud Functions written in Golang with ease

eawsy AWS Lambda - Go - A tool for deploying Go in AWS Lambda using Python for speed

go-lambda - A CLI tool for deploying Go in AWS Lambda

ginger - A tool to create, deploy and invoke Go functions


AWS Lambda Binary - Run any compiled binary on AWS Lambda over standard input and output for maximum flexibility. 5 lines of code to get started with your lambda.

lambda_proc - One way to run Go in AWS Lambda using Node.js

Examples & Demos

go-lambda-geoip - An example using Node.js to call Go in AWS Lambda to retrieve the requester's IP -> geolocation via API Gateway

go-sls-crudl - An example Serverless framework project using Golang to build a simple API Gateway

serverless-go-graphql - A serverless framework template with Golang, GraphQL and DynamoDB

serverless-golang-todoapp - A Todoapp powered by Serverless Framework with Golang

less - Go serverless example containing Vue.js front end, DynamoDB and AWS Lambda with Go and Apex for deployment

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