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Rt U8g273
10 days ago1otherC
U8g2 for rt-thread - a monochrome graphics library
Micropython Tft Gui48
3 years ago1mitPython
Simple GUI for Pyboard and TFT touch panel displays
3 years ago6otherC++
Simulate device names for any SteamVR driver to increase compatiblity
Vfd Configurations30
15 days ago3gpl-3.0
vfd.config - A collection of configuration files for linux devices with a front facing display.
7 months agootherC#
Just some fun utilities I wrote for productivity reasons.
6 months agootherC
Mirror of (
5 days ago2apache-2.0Groovy
Enhanced Weather Underground Driver for Hubitat
9 years agootherC
My branch of Refind that has support for the apple_set_os EFI hack for enabling the Intel IGD on hybrid Macbooks in Linux.
a month agoGroovy
9 months ago1Python
A mixer for the Raspberry Pi Cirrus audio card
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Nothing to see here. This is my private github and most of the code here is deprecated and no longer updated or supported. The only drivers I support are now on the Hubitat Community github ( If you are using anything from here .... it may not remain here for long. I plan to reorganize/move/delete extensively in the future. Copy whatever you like .... but do it now. 09/16/2019

MyDrivers Just my collection of Hubitat drivers that I have collected from others and altered for my own use. The vast majority of this was not my work. I just started with someone else's great beginnings and made minor alterations.

Weather-Display With External Forecast Driver

This driver is intended to pull data from data files on a web server created by Weather-Display software ( It will also supplement forecast data from your choice of WeatherUnderground (WU)( or (XU), but not both simultaneouly. You will need your API keys for each of those APIs to use the forecast from those sites, but it will work without either too.

The driver uses the Weather-Display data as the primary dataset. There are a few options you can select from like using your forecast source for illuminance/solar radiation/lux if you do not have those sensors. You can also select to use a base set of condition icons from the forecast source, or an 'alternative' (fancier) set. The base set will be from WeatherUnderground if you choose eith er 'None' or 'WeatherUnderground' as your forecast source, or from if you choose APIXU as your forecast source. You may choose the fancier 'Alternative' icon set if you have a forecast source other than 'None'.

To use the driver: Install a virtual device and assign the driver to it.

Many people contributed to the creation of this driver. Significant contributors include @Cobra who adapted it from @mattw01's work and I thank them for that! A large 'Thank you' to @bangali for his APIXU.COM base code that much of this was adapted from. Also from @bangali is the code used to calculate illuminance/lux. I learned a lot from his work and incorporated a lot of that here. @bangali also contributed the icon work from for new cooler 'Alternative' weather icons with icons courtesy of With all of that collaboration I have heavily modified/created new code myself @Matthew (Scottma61) with lots of help from the Hubitat community. This driver is free to use. I do not accept donations. Please feel free to contribute to those mentioned here if you like this work, as it would not have possible without them.

*** PLEASE NOTE: You should download and store these 'Alternative' icons on your own server and change the reference to that location in the driver. There is no assurance that those icon files will remain in my github repository. ***

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