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SapphireDb: Example-AspNetCore (using SapphireDb)

Example server application using SapphireDb

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This is a demo project for SapphireDb. It should demonstrate how to use SapphireDb with different technologies.

The examples contains a simple CRUD demo and a simple chat.

You don't need to set up a server running SapphireDb to try it out. A demo server can be reached at the following address:

Try it out

You can try out this example by following these steps:

  1. Open


  1. Clone the sources and switch to the directory
  2. Open in favorite editor (for example Visual Studio or Rider) and start
  3. Try out with different clients

Other examples


AspNet Core Example


React Example

Svelte Example

NodeJs Example

Angular Example


Check out the documentation for more details: Documentation



SapphireDb - Server for Asp.Net Core


sapphiredb - JS client (JS, NodeJs, React, Svelte, ...)

ng-sapphiredb - Angular client


Morris Janatzek (morrisjdev)


SapphireDb - MIT License

sapphiredb-js - MIT License

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