Comprehensive library to access the Spanish electricity market entity (ESIOS), in python 3


Access to the ESIOS data, the Spanish electricity market entity, in python 3 (python 2.7 might work but it is not supported)

This API is made to make it painless to access the market published data.

First you need a token string. You should ask for yours to: Consultas Sios [email protected] It looks like this '615e6d8c80629b8eef25c8f3d0c36094e23db4ed50ce5458f3462129d7c46dba'

To use the ESIOS module, just do:

from ESIOS import *

token = '615e6d8c80629b8eef25c8f3d0c36094e23db4ed50ce5458f3462129d7c46dba'

esios = ESIOS(token)

indicators_ = [1293, 600]  # demand (MW) and SPOT price (€)

names = esios.get_names(indicators_)

dfmul, df_list, names = esios.get_multiple_series(indicators_, start_, end_)
df = dfmul[names]  # get the actual series and neglect the rest of the info

This is an example of what you can get:

Image of some indicators on December 2015

If you have any suggestion please write to: [email protected] (Español e Inglés)

To install ESIOS package

pip install pyesios

# To build the graphs in the examples
pip install pyesios[graphs]




The API is having troubles with request made from 2022 on, There is a limiter in place to not go to those dates.

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