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Cookies Effects Handler for re-frame

Om Nom Nom Nom - Cookie Monster, Sesame Street

Herein a re-frame "Effects Handler", which enables various cookie operations using

Quick Start

1. Add Dependency

Clojars Project

2. Registration & Use

In the namespace where you register your event handlers, prehaps called handlers.cljs, you have two things to do:

First, add this require to the ns:

(ns app.handlers
    []    ;; <-- add this

Second, write an event handler which uses this effect:

  (fn [{:keys [db]} _]
    {:cookie/set {:name "cookie-monster-says"
                  :value "Om Nom Nom Nom!"}}))

Other supported effects include the below which are documented in the source:

  • :cookie/remove
  • :cookie/clear

To use a coeffect:

  [(inject-cofx :cookie/get [:cookie-monster-says])]
  (fn [{db :db cookies :cookie/get} _]

Other supported coeffects include the below which are documented in the source:

  • :cookie/enabled?
  • :cookie/empty?
  • :cookie/keys
  • :cookie/values
  • :cookie/count



Copyright © 2016 SMX Ltd.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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