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This file contains installation instructions; the part below has been written by MetaNite64, NOT by Amy, which means that I (Amy) take no responsibility if it doesn't work as advertised :D Also, it's mainly for installing SLEX on unix-like systems. If you're playing on Windows, your best bet would be to download PuTTY and connect to [email protected] ( with password slashem), port 22, connection type ssh. But if you want to play locally on Windows, get the precompiled binary from either Github or or compile it yourself with e.g. MinGW (look for the SLASH'EM Extended page on Nethackwiki for instructions on how to do that; you should look at that page anyway if you're a new player because it has a list of hints, tips and tricks on how to play).

------ (MetaNite64's install readme begins below) -------

SLASH'EM Extended

The Basics

First off, I would like to let you know that SLASH'EM Extended (SLEX) is not for those who do not regularly use the terminal. You should have basic knowledge of how to use VI or have access to a number pad. You also should be able to use a package manager, and SSH.

How To Install

The preferred way to install this game is to not install it at all. Instead, ensure that you have a SSH client- most likely, openssh-client. To check, open your terminal, and type ssh. If it gives you the help page for the ssh command, you have it installed. If not, use your package manager to install openssh-client. Once you have SSH, you should enter ssh [email protected]. You will be asked if you trust this site- type yes. It will connect you to's server. You should register by typing r. It will ask you for a username (just type it in), and a password. When typing your password, it WILL NOT SHOW YOU WHAT YOU TYPE. It is registering what you type, so go ahead and type it in. Once you are registered, you will be logged in. If not, type l and enter your credentials. From there, you should type e to play a game of SLEX. [Amy edit: or type 'b' to play BIGslex, which requires a 125x45 terminal and is essentially the same game as regular slex, but bigger!] This guidebook is a guide to playing NetHack, the game this is based on, so it's a fairly good instruction manual. [Amy edit: and you should definitely take a look at to see hints and strategy advice for SLEX, because it's fairly different from vanilla NetHack!] A few things are different (like autopickup is off by default), but this should give you a general feel for how to play.

Local Installation

If you don't or won't have internet, you will have to install it locally. You should first have git, ncurses, bison, flex, and make to be able to install it. With apt, you'll need to run sudo apt install libncurses5-dev bison flex make git. On Fedora/with dnf, you should run sudo dnf install ncurses-devel bison flex git. With pkg, you should run sudo pkg install ncurses bison flex gmake git. You get the point. From there, you should run git clone You'll then want to cd into the new directory SLASHEM-Extended, and run sh sys/unix/ Finally, run make -f sys/unix/GNUmakefile && make -f sys/unix/GNUmakefile install. Go back to your home directory, and you'll want to run cd slex/slex-2.5.5, and then ./slex.

[Amy edit: the game has two main control schemes, which are number pad and vikeys. On most Unix installs, the number pad is off by default so you have to use hjklyubn keys to move around, while on Windows installs the number pad is usually on by default. If you try to use an invalid command within the first 50 game turns, there will be a prompt asking whether you want to change the number pad setting; you should read the message of that prompt (yes, really, don't just skip past it; in fact, you generally shouldn't skip past messages while playing this game unless you want to die out of the blue) and act accordingly - the prompt tells you exactly what to do in order to switch between number pad and vikeys mode. This also applies if you find the prompt annoying, because it mentions how you can turn it off if it's getting on your nerves. You should also edit your config file accordingly, the following lines can be helpful: OPTIONS=number_pad:0 - this turns the number pad off, i.e. enables vikeys OPTIONS=number_pad:2 - this turns the number pad on OPTIONS=nonumpadmessage - this turns the "Do you want to turn on/off the number pad?" prompt off Have fun!]

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