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WHAT IS SAP Conversational AI?

We build products to help enterprises and developers have a better understanding of user inputs.

  • NLP API: a unique API for text processing, and augmented training.
  • Bot Building Tools: all you need to create smart bots powered by SAP Conversational AI's NLP API. Design even the most complex conversation flow, use all rich messaging formats and connect to external APIs and services.
  • Bot Connector API: standardizes the messaging format across all channels, letting you connect your bots to any channel in minutes.

Don't reinvent the wheel, simply fork it from the best!

SAP Conversational AI is a community platform: just like on GitHub, you can fork any bot or intent to speed up your bot development. Discuss with other bot makers in the community on our Slack to learn all the tips and tricks.


The bot builder gives you access to:

  • A visual interface to design the flow, build the conversation logic and set up replies.

  • Webhook features to connect your bot to your own API or other services to fetch external data.




  • Bot Skills (December 4, 2017): Autonomous conversational modules included in our Bot Builder tool.
  • Expression Suggestions (October 5, 2017): Automatic suggestions while creating expressions = blazing fast training.
  • Any Language (July 10, 2017): All existing languages are now available on our platform.



  • [x] Add sentiment analysis to the /request endpoint
  • [x] Improve french entities detection
  • [x] View entities in expressions in the train tab
  • [x] Add conditional path in the Bot Builder depending the value of entities
  • [x] Add collaborators in your bot
  • [x] Add list of synonyms for your entities
  • [x] Connect your bot directly in the platform (You can use Bot Connector now)
  • [x] Show which entities are tagged
  • [x] Get metrics about your bot training
  • [x] Deploy your code and host your bot
  • [x] Spanish support
  • [x] Twitter channel
  • [x] Gitlab integration to deploy your repositories
  • [x] Support private Gitlab repositories
  • [x] Add a way to merge intents
  • [x] German support
  • [ ] Salesforce integration
  • [ ] Add the ability to label entities in the Log Feed
  • [x] Add Twitch channel


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