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Asynchronous, non-blocking SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK client bindings for Node.js, providing convenient ABAP business logic consumption from Node.js.


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Key features

  • Based on N-API standard
  • Stateless and stateful connections (multiple function calls in the same ABAP session (same context))
  • Async/await, promise and callback API
  • ECMAScript, TypeScript
  • Sequential and parallel calls, using one or more clients
  • Automatic conversion between NodeJS and ABAP datatypes
  • Direct and managed connections (connection pool)
  • Throughput monitoring: number of calls, bytes sent/received, application/total time; SAP NWRFC SDK >= 7.53 required
  • Usage examples & code-snippets: SAP-samples/node-rfc-samples


Supported platforms

Other platforms and frameworks:


All platforms

  • SAP NW RFC SDK C++ binaries must be downloaded (SAP partner or customer account required) and locally installed. Check installation instructions and SAP NW RFC SDK section on SAP Support Portal. Using the latest version is reccomended as SAP NW RFC SDK is fully backwards compatible, supporting all NetWeaver systems, from today S4, down to R/3 release 4.6C.

  • Build toolchain requires CMake

  • Build from source on older Linux systems, may require uchar.h file, attached to SAP OSS Note 2573953, to be copied to SAP NW RFC SDK include directory.




sudo /usr/libexec/ApplicationFirewall/socketfilterfw --setstealthmode off
  • Remote paths must be set in SAP NWRFC SDK for macOS: documentation

  • When the node-rfc is started for the first time, the popups come-up for each NWRFC SDK library, to confirm it should be opened. If SDK is installed in admin folder, the node-rfc app shall be that first time started with admin privileges, eg. sudo -E

Download and Installation

More info: Installation

❗️ The build from source requires NodeJS release with minimum N-API version given in package.json property "napi_versions": NodeJS/N-API version matrix.

After the SAP NW RFC SDK is installed on your system, the node-rfc can be installed from npm:

npm install node-rfc

Alternatively, when the node-rfc package is not provided for your platform for example, you can build the package from source:

git clone --single-branch
cd node-rfc
npm install
npm run addon # rebuild native addon
npm run ts    # rebuild typescript wrapper

Getting started

More info: Usage and API

In order to call remote enabled ABAP function module, we need to create a node-rfc client instance with valid logon credentials, connect to SAP ABAP NetWeaver system and then invoke a remote enabled ABAP function module from nodejs. Async example below shows basic principles and you can check the documentationand unit tests for more examles.

Add your ABAP system destintion to sapnwrfc.ini file in your working directory:


Call the ABAP RFM. When in doubt about RFM parameters' structure try abap call CLI tool of SAP/fundamental-tools

const noderfc = require("node-rfc");

const pool = new noderfc.Pool({ connectionParameters: { dest: "MME" } });

(async () => {
    try {
        // get a client connection instance
        const client = await pool.acquire();

        // invoke ABAP function module, passing structure and table parameters

        // ABAP structure
        const abap_structure = {
            RFCINT4: 345,
            RFCFLOAT: 1.23456789,
            RFCCHAR4: "ABCD",
            RFCDATE: "20180625", // ABAP date format
            // or RFCDATE: new Date('2018-06-25'), // as JavaScript Date object, with clientOption "date"
        // ABAP table
        let abap_table = [abap_structure];

        const result = await"STFC_STRUCTURE", {
            IMPORTSTRUCT: abap_structure,
            RFCTABLE: abap_table,

        // check the result
    } catch (err) {
        // connection and invocation errors

Finally, the connection is closed automatically when the instance is deleted by the garbage collector or by explicitly calling the client.close() method of the direct client, or client.release() or pool.release() for the managed client.

More resource and info about ABAP Connectors and RFC Communication

Highly reccomended series of three insightful articles about RFC communication and SAP NW RFC Library, published in the SAP Professional Journal (SPJ):

and more:

Known Issues

How to obtain support

If you encounter an issue or have a feature request, you can create a ticket.

Check out the SCN Forum (search for "node-rfc") and stackoverflow (use the tag "node-rfc"), to discuss code-related problems and questions.


We appreciate contributions from the community to node-rfc! See for more details on our philosophy around extending this module.


Copyright (c) 2018 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. This file is licensed under the Apache Software License, v. 2 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file.

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