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Keep your notes safe and secure with Note Crypt for Android!

  • Create different encrypted, with password, database files.
  • Add new notes in a database choosing for each of them: title, tags and text of the note.
  • Filter by Tag the list of the notes.
  • Mark the notes as important by clicking the star icon.
  • Sorting notes by name or creation date.
  • Change the password of an existing database.
  • The database is securely encrypted with AES 128 bit, using cipher-block chaining (CBC), PKCS5Padding and a random IV generated at every save. For the KDF a random salt and PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1 are used.
  • Auto create a hidden backup database to prevent data loss in case the file gets corrupted while saving (the backup file is saved with the name: ."database name").
  • Ability to search through your notes.

If you forget your password, the notes will be inaccessible.

Thanks to naofum for the Japanese translation and to hanelore for the Brazilian Portuguese translation.


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