An editor/save manager for the Girls Mode/Girls Style/Style Savvy/Style Boutique games, on Nintendo 3DS
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2 days ago22C
Homebrew development library for Nintendo 3DS/Horizon OS user mode (Arm11)
a month ago13March 25, 202219mitPython
FUSE filesystem Python scripts for Nintendo console files
Rom Properties369
8 days ago95gpl-2.0C++
ROM Properties Page shell extension
6 years agoTeX
Keyshuffling Attack for Persistent Early Code Execution in the Nintendo 3DS Secure Bootchain
11 hours ago24gpl-3.0C++
HLE 3DS emulator
Twilightmenu Updater269
2 years ago17Makefile
An updater for TWiLight Menu++
4 years ago2mitPython
Python script to convert Nintendo 3DS CCI (".cci", ".3ds") files to the CIA format
Div Games Studio207
5 months ago15gpl-3.0C
Complete cross platform games development package, originally for DOS but now available on modern platforms.
5 months ago9zlibC
Library for drawing 2D graphics using the Nintendo 3DS's PICA200 GPU
Super Haxagon111
a day ago3mitC++
A Super Hexagon Clone
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For Style Savvy's 10th Anniversary, a save editor is here!


  • Edit save data from all four Girls Mode/Style Savvy/Style Boutique games.
  • As of currently, only games 2-4 are supported.
    • Only the 2nd game is supported for KOR regions.
  • High-resolution Hori-HD (800px wide mode), exclusive to 3DS, New 3DS, and New 2DS consoles!
  • Pre-rendered character previews.
  • Originally composed menu music!
  • Sound effects from ChuChu Rocket.
  • Play as most characters from all Girls Mode/Style Savvy/Style Boutique games, in all (except first) games! (Shop customers and brand reps not included.)
  • When importing a character from those games, you can press L or R to select the seasonal outfit. (Note that not all characters will have seasonal outfits.)
  • Add characters from the first game, GM2/Trendsetters/NSB, and Star Stylist/Styling Star, as extra contacts in Kirakira Code/Fashion Forward!
  • Import any character from the Kirakira Code/Fashion Forward save data into Star Stylist/Styling Star, or vice-versa.
  • You can also export your current character, in case if you want to restore/import it later.
  • (3rd and 4th games) Import/Export brand emblems for custom designed outfits.
  • Apply music packs to Girls Mode 2/Style Savvy: Trendsetters/New Style Boutique. (Requires game patching enabled in Luma.)
  • (GM4/SS4/NSB3): Add, remove, and/or change characters in Mewtube videos!
  • Add all fashion to your wardrobe and shop in the 3rd and 4th games!
  • Coming soon: Change attributes of your character (such as gender, skin color, pose set, height, etc.).
  • Coming soon (GM4/SS4/NSB3): Change bow placement on your character, if a bow is being worn.

Before using Savvy Manager, it is recommended to back up your Girls Mode/Style Savvy/Style Boutique game save(s) using Checkpoint, in case something goes wrong.

Star Stylist/Styling Star players, if you're playing as a male character, or as a female character with a unique eye shape (ex. Angélique), it is highly recommended you don't update your shop data at Shopdo. As such features are not normally available in-game, you may risk a possible ban when doing so, as the character data will be part of your Shopdo.


  • devkitPro: libctru, citro2d/3d, nds-hb-menu's file/folder browsing code
  • Universal Team: Universal Core
  • Pixel Perfect: Music icon
  • rog9001: His New Style Boutique 3 Save Editor tool has motivated me to work on this further.
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