Alzheimers Disease Data Analysis

Deals with usage of Logistic Regression to explain Alzheimer's Disease in patients and control group based on specific SNPs and other exams on the subjects.
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Alternatives To Alzheimers Disease Data Analysis
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Alzheimers Disease - Data Analysis

Here I have explored, analysed and fit an interpretable prediction Logistic Regression Model to explain the factors that contribute the most to Alzheimer's Disease. I have mainly focused on building the Logistic Regression Model, and have done the EDA mostly to see how the other factors measured for each individual interprets to a person having AD or not. The Model I came up with is really effective and explains the class predictions quite well.

RUN: The Finished Report can be seen in Data-Analysis.html(To be downloaded and opened in own browser, gives better experience), but one can view it right on Github through the file. The supporting code that generated the file can be seen in Data-Analysis.Rmd(RMarkdown File). The Dataset used for this analysis was obtained from ADNI.

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