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A different monokai phoenix theme for Vim, based on Monokai-phoenix found in the Javascript-Next Sublime package.

For the optimal JavaScript syntax experience, it is recommended to use pangloss/vim-javascript for your JS syntax needs.


Using Plug, you can do the following:

Plug 'reewr/vim-monokai-phoenix'

Then do :PlugInstall and you're good to go


Example in GVIM / Terminal with True color

vim-monokai-phoenix gui

Example in terminal using 256 colors vim-monokai-phoenix terminal


This colour scheme is still being adjusted as it was created from scratch using the Sublime version as inspiration. There are some differences, mostly due to personal taste.

If you have some suggestions on how to improve the colour scheme, please make an issue.


Below follows issues that are outside of my control.

  • nvim-qt#145 does not apply terminal cursor colour correctly. This is specific to this application and I can therefore not apply a fix directly. There is however a fix for it: hi TermCursor cterm=reverse gui=reverse should display the cursor correctly.

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