Recommender System Pytorch

基于 Pytorch 实现推荐系统相关的算法
Alternatives To Recommender System Pytorch
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D2l En18,001
4 days ago99otherPython
Interactive deep learning book with multi-framework code, math, and discussions. Adopted at 400 universities from 60 countries including Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge.
a day ago238Jupyter Notebook
State-of-the-Art Deep Learning scripts organized by models - easy to train and deploy with reproducible accuracy and performance on enterprise-grade infrastructure.
Catalyst3,10619102 months ago108April 29, 20225apache-2.0Python
Accelerated deep learning R&D
5 months ago72mitPython
Deep recommender models using PyTorch.
16 days ago7February 25, 2022106mitPython
A unified, comprehensive and efficient recommendation library
9 hours ago77May 12, 2022117bsd-3-clausePython
Pytorch domain library for recommendation systems
a day ago9June 16, 202289apache-2.0Python
Transformers4Rec is a flexible and efficient library for sequential and session-based recommendation and works with PyTorch.
3 days ago8July 03, 20224apache-2.0Python
A curated model zoo for CTR prediction
2 months ago15August 14, 2022mitPython
This is the repository of our article published in RecSys 2020 "Are We Evaluating Rigorously? Benchmarking Recommendation for Reproducible Evaluation and Fair Comparison" and of several follow-up studies.
19 days ago2March 28, 20216mitPython
CRSLab is an open-source toolkit for building Conversational Recommender System (CRS).
Alternatives To Recommender System Pytorch
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Recommender System Pytorch



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Data Processing


  • One-hot
  • One-hot

Available Models

Model Paper
Logistic Regression, LR
Mixed Logistic Regression, MLR Kun Gai, et al. Learning Piece-wise Linear Models from Large Scale Data for Ad Click Prediction, 2017.
Factorization Machine, FM S Rendle, Factorization Machines, 2010.
Field-aware Factorization Machine, FFM Y Juan, et al. Field-aware Factorization Machines for CTR Prediction, 2015.
Deep Crossing Ying Shan, et al.Deep Crossing: Web-Scale Modeling without Manually Crafted Combinatorial Features, 2016.
Product-based Neural Network, PNN Y Qu, et al. Product-based Neural Networks for User Response Prediction, 2016.
Wide & Deep HT Cheng, et al. Wide & Deep Learning for Recommender Systems, 2016.
Deep & Cross Network, DCN R Wang, et al. Deep & Cross Network for Ad Click Predictions, 2017.
Factorization Machine supported Neural Network, FNN W Zhang, et al. Deep Learning over Multi-field Categorical Data - A Case Study on User Response Prediction, 2016.
DeepFM H Guo, et al. DeepFM: A Factorization-Machine based Neural Network for CTR Prediction, 2017.
Neural Factorization Machine, NFM X He and TS Chua, Neural Factorization Machines for Sparse Predictive Analytics, 2017.
Attentional Factorization Machine, AFM J Xiao, et al. Attentional Factorization Machines: Learning the Weight of Feature Interactions via Attention Networks, 2017.
Deep Interest Network, DIN Guorui Zhou, et al. Deep Interest Network for Click-Through Rate Prediction, 2017.
Deep Interest Evolution Network, DIEN Guorui Zhou, et al. Deep Interest Evolution Network for Click-Through Rate Prediction, 2018.
Latent Factor Model, LFM
Neural Collaborative Filtering, NeuralCF X He, et al. Neural Collaborative Filtering, 2017.
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