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Collection of Operation Transformation Algorithms and their respective clients to integrate with any existing system.

Package Version Downloads Third-party Dependency
plaintext -
plaintext-editor -
state-machine -
types - - -
utils - - -


This repository uses monorepo architecture for hosting packages. We are using Lerna to manage workspaces and publishing of individual packages, where as Yarn is used as package manager to symlink and install 3rd Party Dependencies.

  • To install using Lerna (recommended):

    $ lerna bootstrap
  • To install using Yarn:

    $ yarn


We are using Jest extensively to form our Unit Test Suite as well as Integration Test Suites, along with test environment, stubs and test runner. Nyc (formerly known as Istanbul) is used for coverage reporting.

  • To run all the unit test suites in local dev environment, run the following after dependencies have been installed:

    $ yarn test
  • To run unit tests in CI environment, run:

    $ yarn test:ci
  • To run integration tests in CI environment, run:

    $ yarn test:firebase
    $ yarn test:monaco
  • To merge all the individual code coverage report and generate final test coverage report, run:

    $ yarn coverage
  • To convert generated final coverage report into more human readable form (such as lcov), run:

    $ yarn coverage:dev

Integration Tests

This package only provides a functional layer on top of your existing dependencies and does not ship any additional bundle. To make sure our implementation and integrations are up-to-date, we have a comprehensive set of Integration Test Suite living in tests directory.

Editor Integration

Most of the popular editors and IDEs have extensions to help with Code Coverage details. These tools often read lcov reports and not json format. So one must convert them into lcov using last command described above to make it work with the editor of their choice.

Metrics and Tracking

We are using to track progress over Code Coverage and CodeQL for Code Quality Analysis.

Reporting a Bug

Head on to Discussion section to report a bug or to ask for any feature. Use this template to make it structural and helpful for the maintainer and the contributors. Feel to add your queries about using this library as well under Q & A section of it. Remember, do not create any Issues by yourself, maintainers of this repository will open one if deemed necessary.


See CHANGELOG for more details.


See Contributing Guidelines.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license, see LICENSE for more details.

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