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Personal Finance Manager

Personal Finance Manager is a responsive web application for keeping track of users personal expenses. In order to use this application user has to go through the registration process. After the registration user can add his credits and debits into this application and he can keep track of all his expenses and savings. In addition, the user can see the trends as a graphical representation. This application also has email verification feature for signup, forgot password and contact us.

Skills And Tools

Laravel Framework, MVC, PHP, Blade, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, WAMP Server, MySQL Workbench, phpMyAdmin, PHPStorm, Composer, GIT


  1. Unzip project to wamp/xamp, create database "personal_finance_manager"
  2. Perform "php artisan migrate" function. All database and predetermined data will be made.
  3. Go to localhost/pfm_laravel/public to see the home page
  4. Register and Login in order to use this application.


If any concerns or problems please feel free to contact: Preet Acharya - [email protected]

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