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AppTour is a lighweight library to integrate onboarding or app tutorial. It uses the actual app screens to inform the user what each element in the screen does.

Highlight a button, a view, a label or anything that you want.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2


Getting Started

  • Clone the repo or download the source code and add the 'AppTour.framework' file in your source code. Make sure to add the framework in the embedded binaries section.


  • Use Cocoa pods to integrate.

Add pod 'AppTour' in your pod file and run pod install.


  • iOS 8 and above
  • Xcode 7 and above


Copy the follwing lines in you ViewController

import AppTour

Add the following line in your viewDidLoad method.

let appTour : AppTour = AppTour()

Add the following line in your viewDidAppear method. The first argument is the view controller reference and second argument should be the view/button that needs to be highlighted

appTour.showOnBoardingView(viewController: self, view: self.titleLabel, isViewInTable: false, tableObj: nil, indexPath: nil)


Will keep adding more functionalities and documentation.

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