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AndroidStudio and Idea live templates.
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Idea Live Templates1,584
7 years agoapache-2.0Shell
An #androidDev collection of Live Templates for Android Studio
8 months ago2apache-2.0FreeMarker
🛠️ A template for Android Studio to create MVPArms and MVPArt Page
3 years agoKotlin
Zoom Recycler Layout Manager For Android Kotlin
2 years ago1Kotlin
♻ RecycleView with multiple view types, inner horizontal RecycleView and layout animation
3 years agoapache-2.0
:rocket: A curated android templates to make android development more easy and fast :battery: !
Curso Desenvolvimento Android46
2 months agoapache-2.0Java
Visite meu site e conheça todos os meus cursos 100% on-line.
9 months agogpl-3.0Java
Android Studio Templates36
7 years agoFreeMarker
A set of templates for your Android Studio
Quiz App30
5 years agoJavaScript
Welcome to QuizApp's open source Android app! Come on in, take your shoes off, stay a while explore how examination's 's native squad has built and continues to build the app, discover our implementation of RxJava in logic- filled view models, and maybe even create an issue or two. Quiz android app for my collage ...and it's my graduation project
Gradle Android Rtl24
7 years ago2apache-2.0Java
A gradle plugin that auto generates the fixed RTL layout
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AndroidStudio and Idea live templates.


Most of the templates are imported from:

Install script is based on square/java-code-styles

template content


  • IntentView: "Creates an Intent with ACTION_VIEW"
  • Sfmt: "String format"
  • Toast: "Create a new Toast"
  • ViewConstructors: "Adds generic view constructors"
  • const: "Define android style int constant"
  • fbc: "findViewById with cast"
  • foreach: "Create a for each loop"
  • gone: "Set view visibility to GONE"
  • key: "Key for a bundle"
  • newInstance: "create a new Fragment instance with arguments"
  • noInstance: "private empty constructor to prohibit instance creation"
  • rgS: "get a String from resources"
  • rouiT: "runOnUIThread"
  • sbc: "block comment for structuring code"
  • starter: "Creates a static start(...) helper method to start an Activity"
  • visible: "Set view visibility to VISIBLE"
  • wrapIt: "adds a gradle wrapper task"


  • ccode: "code tag for javadoc"
  • cfalse: "puts false in a comment section"
  • clink: "link from within javadoc"
  • ctrue: "puts true in a comment section"
  • fixme: "adds // FIXME"
  • noop: "indicate that a method does not have any operations"
  • stopship: "adds // STOPSHIP"
  • todo: "adds // TODO"


  • cob: "create a Observable"
  • createObservable: "Create RxJava Observable"
  • csub: "create a Subscriber"
  • fmp1: "flatmap with func1"
  • fob: "create observable by Observable.from"
  • ft1: "filter with func1"
  • job: "create observable by Observable.just"
  • mp1: "map with func1"
  • na0: "create an Action0 object"
  • na1: "create an Action1 object"
  • obmain: "observeOn(AndroidSchedulers.mainThread())"
  • onEventMainThread: "Adds onMainThreadEvent method for eventbus"
  • onEvent: "Adds onEvent method for eventbus"
  • subio: "subscribeOn("


  • logd: "Log.d(TAG, String)"
  • loge: "Log.e(TAG, String, Exception)"
  • logi: "Log.i(TAG, String)"
  • logm: "Log method name and its arguments"
  • logr: "Log result of this method"
  • logt: "A static logtag with your current classname"
  • logw: "Log.w(TAG, String, Exception)"
  • wtf: ", String, Exception)"


  • ParcelBoolean: "writes a single boolean value to a parcel"
  • ParcelableEnumTest: "Creates basic parcelable enum test methods"
  • ParcelableEnum: "Create a parcelable block for your current enum"
  • Parcelable: "Create a parcelable block for your current class"
  • UnparcelBoolean: "reads a single boolean value from a parcel"
  • UnparcelIntArray: "Unparcels an int array"
  • UnparcelStringArray: "Unparcels a String array"


  • appNs: "adds application namespace"
  • lh: "android:layout_height="""
  • lhm: "android:layout_height="match_parent""
  • lhw: "android:layout_height="wrap_content""
  • lw: "android:layout_width="""
  • lwm: "android:layout_width="match_parent""
  • lww: "android:layout_width="wrap_content""
  • toolsNs: "adds tools namespace to Android xml file"


  • LL: "LInearyLayout"
  • txall: "all text property"
  • txc: "android:text_color="""
  • txs: "android:text_size="""
  • txsc: "text color and text size"


  • main: "create main func"
  • pln: "System.out.println"
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