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List of RFCs

PayID Core

Verifiable PayID

PayID Commerce

The source code for each spec is in src/spec.


Known implementations of PayID and PayID Discovery:

If you would like to update this list, please feel free to open a pull request against this repository.

Generating the Spec

From the root directory of the repo run:

    # Install IETF RFC tools
    gem install kramdown-rfc2629
    pip3 install xml2rfc

    # Install PayID RFC dependencies
    npm install

    # Generate the spec
    npm run spec

This generates the RFC output files in the dist folder using kramdown-rfc2629, xml2rfc and Grunt with the Grunt kramdown_rfc2629 task

To watch edits to RFC source files and auto-generate output when changes are saved run npm run watch.

Authoring a new RFC

First, write a Pull Request that adds the markdown file for the spec in the src/spec folder.

Then, add that file to the Gruntfile list of RFCs. That way the spec output can be generated for your proposal.


This code is not authorised for download in Australia. Any persons located in Australia are expressly prohibited from downloading, using, reproducing or distributing the code. This code is not owned by, or associated with, NPP Australia Limited, and has no sponsorship, affiliation or other connection with the Pay ID service operated by NPP Australia Limited in Australia.