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Mario Party N64 board editor

PartyPlanner64 allows players to create and import customized boards into a Mario Party N64 ROM for playback in emulators or on real hardware.

Getting Started

PartyPlanner64 is web-based so installation is not needed. A running copy is hosted from this repository. Chrome and Firefox are the supported browsers for this project.

It is highly recommended to read this before creating a board. This documentation highlights some common mistakes made while using PartyPlanner64.

The wiki has additional information about the editor, as well as technical documentation on the game itself.


A ROM is not required to create and edit boards with PartyPlanner64, however to play them you will need to open a Mario Party ROM file. Only the NTSC USA files are supported.

  • Mario Party (U).z64 ROM file (MD5 8BC2712139FBF0C56C8EA835802C52DC).
  • Mario Party 2 (U).z64 ROM file (MD5 04840612A35ECE222AFDB2DFBF926409).
  • Mario Party 3 (U).z64 ROM file (MD5 76A8BBC81BC2060EC99C9645867237CC).

ROMs that have been edited can also be re-opened.

ROM files must be ran with Expansion Pak on hardware, emulators must be configured to use 8MB RAM or the game will crash.


These emulators are reported to work:

  • Project64 2.3
  • Mupen64plus
  • Nemu64

This emulator has issues, even with the right setup (8MB RAM):

  • Project64 1.6

See the emulator setup page for details on configuring each emulator.


To host a local copy of PartyPlanner64 clone the repository and do the following.

  • Install Node.js and a package manager (npm or yarn).
  • Retrieve the dependencies for the editor and development.
    • npm install --dev


    • yarn install

  • npm run start will build a development version and run a local web server.
  • npm run build will build a production version and copy it into build/.

Electron Builds

After setting up a local dev environment, run the following to create the various Electron builds.

npm run electron


Pull requests and other contributions are greatly appreciated.



Code in this repository is released into the public domain, with the exception of included third party libraries with separate licenses.

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