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Blockly-gamepad 🎮

License: MIT GitHub release npm version Built on Blockly

A Blockly extension designed to develop games (made with love ❤).

How it works 📘

This library helps you to create the Blockly structure of a game, allowing you to interact asynchronously with it using methods like load() & reset() to init the game, play() & pause() to start the game, forward() & backward() to move step-by-step through the blocks and others useful methods.

See the full documentation .

Games 🏆

  • The aviator. This is a first demo of the game, if you like it you're officially changelled to solve the final impossible level 😜.

  • Coming soon. Lot of games coming soon.

Demo 🕹️

Try this demo, it is a remake with blockly-gamepad of the Maze game.
You can find the full code here.

Tips 💡

To get a quick feedback of what you can create with this library I suggest you to view both the demo and the games linked above. I also advise you to view the commented code (both for games and for the demo).

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