End To End Web Testing With Cypress

End-to-End Web Testing with Cypress, published by Packt
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End-to-End Web Testing with Cypress

End-to-End Web Testing with Cypress

This is the code repository for End-to-End Web Testing with Cypress, published by Packt.

Explore techniques for automated frontend web testing with Cypress and JavaScript

What is this book about?

Cypress is a modern test automation framework for web-based frontend apps. Learning Cypress will help you overcome the shortcomings of conventional testing solutions such as dependency graph problems, the steep learning curve in setting up end-to-end testing packages, and difficulties in writing explicit time waits for your tests.

This book covers the following exciting features:

  • Get to grips with using Cypress and understand its advantages over Selenium
  • Explore common Cypress commands, tools, and techniques for writing complete tests for web apps
  • Set up and configure Cypress for cross-browser testing
  • Understand how to work with elements and animation to write non-flaky tests
  • Discover techniques to implement and handle navigation requests in tests

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Instructions and Navigations

All of the code is organized into folders. For example, Chapter-03.

The code will look like the following:

 "scripts": {
  "cypress:run": "cypress run",
  "cypress:open": "cypress open"

Following is what you need for this book:

This book is for automation testing professionals, software and web testers, and frontend web developers who have intermediate-level JavaScript and beginner-level test automation knowledge, as well as for complete beginners who are looking to get started with Cypress and learn how it works. You’ll also find this book useful if you are a Selenium tester who wants to migrate to Cypress and leverage its capabilities. An intermediate-level understanding of JavaScript programming and beginner-level knowledge of web testing are required.

With the following software and hardware list you can run all code files present in the book (Chapter 1-12).

Software and Hardware List

Chapter Software required OS required
1-12 Cypress 6.2 Windows 7 or above, Mac OS 10.9 (64-bit only) or above, and Linux (Fedora and Debian 8 (64-bit only))
1-12 Node.js Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
1-12 Npm package manager (version 5.2 or above) Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
1-12 Yarn package manager (version 2.0 or above) Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

All the code examples given have been tested on macOS and should work okay with all Linux OSes too. For Windows OSes, especially for the last three chapters, kindly read the additional notes in the callout box, in the Technical requirements section on how to run the commands on Windows. At the time of writing, all the examples have been tested with Cypress version 6.2.1.

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Get to Know the Author

Waweru Mwaura is a software engineer with a specialization in automation testing and tools that make testing an interesting adventure and not just another item to cross off the software release list. He is an engineering hobbyist with interests ranging from hardware electronics and robotics to software development, architecture, and team development. Waweru is a lifelong learner and during his journey, he has helped organizations tackle testing problems and helped grow manual QA teams to automation teams with a focus on quality and defect prevention. In his free time, he practices professional photography.

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