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IBM Cloud Foundry - V2Ray

Use GitHub Actions to automatically deploy the latest version of V2Ray to IBM Cloud Foundry

Read the details in my blog (in Chinese) | 中文教程


  • Click the Use this template button to create a new repository.

  • Click the Settings tab on your own repository, and then click the Secrets button to add the following encrypted environment variables:

    Environment Variables Description
    IBM_CF_USERNAME IBM Cloud user name (email address)
    IBM_CF_PASSWORD IBM Cloud password
    IBM_CF_ORG_NAME(optional) Organization name, the default is the email address. Can be found on this page.
    IBM_CF_SPACE_NAME(optional) Space name, default is dev. Can be found on this page.
    IBM_CF_APP_NAME App name, fill in according to your preference.
    V2_UUID Generate using UUID generator
    V2_WS_PATH_VMESS V2_WS_PATH_VLESS Select one of the VMess and VLESS protocols, and fill in a combination of numbers and English letters.
  • Click the Run workflow button on the Actions page.

  • Wait for the deployment to complete.

  • Click the relevant application on the Cloud Foundry Public page to view the access address.

TIPS: You can customize the API address and App memory size through the workflow file.




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