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Otto DIY+ (PLUS)

"Otto DIY with steroids"

This Repository have all open source files for Otto DIY+ an interactive robot that anyone can make!, Otto DIY + can make everything that Otto DIY does + Bluetooth + APP + switch + sensors + strength +... anything you might expand feel FREE to add and contribute. for LED Matrix we have a separate repository here Is completely open source, Arduino compatible, 3D printable, once you have all components and tools you will be able to build your own Otto

This is a more advanced version requires some expertise and patience, if you want to start slow as a beginner please go to Otto DIY repository

Start by downloading all files here


To buy

  • Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Nano Shield I/O Extension Board
  • Mini usb cable
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasound sensor
  • Mini servo MG90 9g x4, each one should come with 2 pointed screws and one small screw also arm keys to attach legs and feet
  • Active Buzzer 12mm diameter and 5V
  • Female to Female breadboard connectors cable 10cm x24.
  • Micro Switch 8x8mm
  • Touch sensors x3
  • Sound sensor
  • Bluetooth module HC-05 or HC06 or BLE
  • 4 AA Battery case
  • 1.5V AA batteries x4.
  • Phillips screwdriver (important magnetized)

To print

  • 3D printed head
  • 3D printed body
  • 3D printed leg x2
  • 3D printed foot x2

For the quick start programming and learners

  1. Download V3; is an opensource software released by MakeBlock for easy programming Robot by Drop and Drag blocks. Based on Scratch 2.0 (MIT), beside sharing the great Feature of Scratch, mBlock also integrated an Arduino Code generator for upload program into Arduino based Hardware.
  2. Install Otto Extension in mBlock software use Arduino mode
  3. Drag and drop functions, dance, sounds and conditionals from robot Otto blocks.
  4. Connect and check COM port.
  5. Upload your own code!

For the advanced programming

  1. Download & Install Arduino IDE: also this driver if you have a clone board: for PC, or for MAC
  2. Copy all libraries to C:\Users\user\Documents\Arduino\libraries (or wherever your library folder is installed):
  3. Open any .ino code, make sure in tools you have "Board: Arduino Nano" "Processor ATmega328" and your Otto is connected to the corresponding port
  4. Upload the APP code to Otto DIY+
  5. Download and install the APP
  6. Share in our Otto builder Facebook group

Otto DIY+ is design using Autodesk Fusion 360

So is completely parametric and precise to adjust tolerances You can modify it for customization or further improvements

Hall of fame Otto builders list

Our broad community is awesome! we have been developing and improving OttoDIY project together ;)

contribution date builder name country
oscillator algorithm library Jan 2015 Obijuan Spain
inventor of Zowi 3D printable Dec 2015 Javier Isabel Spain
Bobwi (combination of Bob and Zowi Jan 2016 G4alileo Spain
BT, battery, nose LED RGB, touch and tilt April 2016 Davor Levstek Croatia
Robonino with voice control May 2016 Santiago Spain
Calibration tool June 2016 Rafael López Spain
FreeCAD model August 2016 Juan Carlos López Sánchez Spain
ESPOtto voice Sept 2016 Gustavo Reynaga Mexico
Otto arms Sept 2016 Jason Leung Hong Kong
Google Play android APP Oct 2016 Juan Felix Mateos Spain
Switch alternative Dec 2016 Robert Holt United States
Custom PCB, OttoDIY+ repository Jan 2017 Jason Snow England
Single ladies dance Jan 2017 brico3D Spain
Nose and DIY APP Feb 2017 Andrés Fernández Muñoz Spain
feedback March 2017 Frank Lopez United States
feedback March 2017 Octavio P Nogueira Brazil
Custom PCB March 2017 Marco Italy
Laser cut Otto March 2017 Florian Festi Germany
XXL Head March 2017 Markus Otte Germany
XGoBroRobo IR control March 2017 Jonathan Hess Germany
Easy BT Easy HC-06 May 2017 Pablo E. García Palacios Spain
Custom PCB, battery booster, noise detection April 2017 Pedro 51 France
graphical coding June 2017 Liao Ping Lun China
Otto bender mod June 2017 bricogeek Spain
remote control July 2017 Jayesh Chauhan India
Customizable Otto 3D print July 2017 Brandon Bowles United States
quadruped Otto August 2017 quadruped China
control from laptop August 2017 SungHyun Ryu South Korea
touch code September 2017 Alberto Spain
Otto wheels September 2017 Jason Snow England
Tito + September 2017 Jason Snow England
6 modes code October 2017 Davor Levstek Croatia
Otto accessories October 2017 Lucid Wolf Australia
Otto accessories Halloween October 2017 Trish Davies Australia
mbloc scratch graphical coding November 2017 Hien Phan Vietnam
Otto Santa Claus December 2017 Dreamfactory Argentina
Otto Nutcraker December 2017 Dreamfactory Argentina
SelfProgramming December 2017 YoJuLab South Korea
open APP inventor January 2018 Jason Snow England
LED eyes January 2018 Mr. Chan China
Otto learning January 2018 Hien Phan Vietnam
new APP BETA February 2018 Jason Snow England
Otto meets MARS March 2018 Jason Snow England
arduinoblocks April 2018 Juan Spain
libraries update May 2018 Jason Snow England
Otto Arms June 2018 Jason Snow England
Otto desktop software August 2018 Jason Snow England
Otto Minion September 2018 CoolTrish Davies Australia

Special thanks to all these #Ottobuilder that made and are making this project evolve and accessible to everyoone in the world. If we we are missing one please let us know!

Pending to develop idea list

Feel free to grab and mix ideas from this table for your Otto and if you are nice person please share with all the community

Function-Feature sensor(input) movement (output)
drumer microphone hands+stick
Sumo IR wheels+bumper
omniwheel magnet switch wheels+rollers
Train IR Steam generator
Car-balancing variable resistor modes +servos control
Spider 6-8 legs gestures +vibrators
hover or drone accelerometer +DC motor control
look around xiaofang timer new head
writer encoders DC+ pen holder
following line IR+encoders step motors
Bubbles light DC fan
crane Buttons +servos control
Gripper Tilt Sensor +servo
reaction to music keepon vibrators
Follow music MP3 SD card disco lights
Voice commands telegram multiple boards
clap rhythm arms codes vibrators

License CC-BY-SA

Creative Commons License
Otto DIY by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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