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Oteemo Charts Repository

Welcome to the oteemo charts repository. All charts are in the charts directory.

Adding the chart Repository

helm repo add oteemocharts


Feel free to fork our repo and create a pull request with any new features or bug fixes.

Contacting us

For issues or concerns, please fill out an issue or email us at [email protected]

How It Works

GitHub Pages points to the gh-pages branch so anything pushed to that branch will be publicly available. We are using a couple github actions to automate testing and deployment of charts. It is based off the example here.

Process to add a chart to the repository

  1. Create a branch or fork for your new chart
  2. Initialize new chart in the charts directory with helm create mychart or by copying in your work from outside
  3. After chart development is done, run (at minimum) helm lint mychart/ to validate yaml and templates
  4. Don't forget to bump your chart version (if needed)
  5. Create a pull request with the new chart or updates
  6. Once the PR is approved, the automation will publish the chart to our repository

Notes about current testing

Testing is currently done with Helm3

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