A Python script for Brute Force Attack On Facebook Account :)
Alternatives To Faceboom
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
6 days ago271gpl-2.0Python
Rewrite of the popular wireless network auditor, "wifite"
a year ago4Python
A tool for automating cracking methodologies through Hashcat from the TrustedSec team.
2 years ago8bsd-2-clausePython
Wordpress Attack Suite
19 days ago64gpl-2.0Python
Automated host blocking from SSH brute force attacks
2 years ago2gpl-2.0C
OpenSesame attacks wireless garages and can open most fixed-code garages and gates in seconds using a Mattel toy
a year ago22gpl-3.0Python
Brute_Force_Attack Gmail Hotmail Twitter Facebook Netflix
Gemail Hack493
a year ago41Python
python script for Hack gmail account brute force
6 months ago24Python
A Python script for Brute Force Attack On Facebook Account :)
a month ago1gpl-3.0Shell
wbruter was the first tool wich has been released as open source wich can guarantee 100% that your pin code will be cracked aslong as usb debugging has been enable. wbruter also includes some other brute methods like dictionary attacks for gmail, ftp, rar, zip and some other file extensions.
Facebook Cracker392
7 months ago35Python
Facebook Cracker Version 1.0 can crack into Facebook Database 100% without Interruption By Facebook Firewall
Alternatives To Faceboom
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  • SCRIPT: FaceBoom
  • JOB: Brute Force Attack On Facebook Accounts

  • SCRIPT ScreeenShot:

    • Usage:


    • Brute Force On Facebook Account Without proxy:

    • Brute Force On Facebook Account With Proxy:
    • Get Target Facebook Profile ID:

For Install:

Supported Platforms:

  • [x] Windows
  • [x] Linux
  • [x] Android~Termux
  • [x] MacOs
  • [x] any Os has python(2.x, 3.x) with required modules

Protect yourself from this attack:

  • Use Strong Password which contains {letters(lower,upper),tokens,numbers} make it longest as possible, at least 10 letters
  • don't use your basic information in the password for example don't use your name or birthday
    because the hacker can do a information gathering attack and get this information easily
    then he will generate a wordlist based on this info.
  • Use 2F Authentication.


  • this script is only for educational purposes
  • i am not responsible for your actions.

That's All :)

  • This Script Coded By Oseid Aldary
  • Thanks For Usage
  • Have A Nice Day...GoodBye :)
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