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Angular Enterprise Example

Build Status

This is a work in progress. It is likely to have many changes over time, particularly as all of the tools improve.

Compodoc documentation is available at:


  1. Show an example of a sprawling set of related Angular applications, divided into various libraries.
  2. Manage complexity, size, and scale.
  3. Provide a way to "bloat up" with numerous randomly generated additional modules/features/components, up to the size of the largest Angular applications.
  4. Initially use Angular CLI and Nx.
  5. Later, Bazel.

Contents so far

  • 3 applications, using overlapping sets of...
  • 10 libraries
  • dependencies between the libraries
  • A Node server, which serves REST/JSON, SSE, and GraphQL

Technologies used

  • Angular 5
  • Angular CLI
  • Nx
  • NgRx/Store, Store addons
  • RxJS
  • Lodash, Moment
  • REST
  • SSE (Server Sent Events)
  • GraphQL

Example application(s)

This set of example applications/features use Nx to wire up inter-project dependencies during development. Following the Nx convention, they are divided into "apps" and "libs".

There is a many-to-many relationship between applications and modules, and modules can use other modules.

In addition, there is a "servers" directory intended to contain one or more server-side example code bases that support the Angular example. These are not managed using Nx, which is Angular specific. However, in a sprawling set of related servers and libraries, Lerna could be used too much the same effect.

The example applications are not very complex - certainly not complex enough to warrant the amount of complexity used to build it. Real application of this modest complexity could easily be written as a single project (each).

Still, the example applications reuse blocks of functionality, so they show the value of this multi-package approach.

There are three application to run:

  • Admin - bundles 5 feature modules
  • Agent - bundles 2 feature module
  • Portal - bundles 1 feature module

To understand how they are cross wired, look at the tsconfig.json file for each.

Two of the modules use ngrx/store for state management, With appropriate lazy loading of feature modules.


In one window:

yarn start
# add --app=agent or --app=portal if desired

In another window:

cd servers/node
yarn start

Contact us

Main author: Kyle Cordes

Much help from the team at: Oasis Digital

... who teach Angular Boot Camp

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