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OSGP Components

Component Description

The OSGP components implement SOAP web services, domain logic and message routing to Protocol Adapters.

Web Service Layer

  • osgp-adapter-ws-admin, Management functions web service
  • ospg-adapter-ws-core, Generic functions web service
  • osgp-adapter-ws-public-lighting, Public Lighting functions web service
  • osgp-adapter-ws-tariff-switching, Tariff Switching function web service
  • osgp-adapter-ws-smart-metering, Smart Metering function web service
  • osgp-adapter-ws-microgrids, Microgrids function web service
  • osgp-adapter-ws-distributionautomation, Distribution Automation function web service
  • osgp-adapter-ws-shared, Common classes used by these components

Domain Layer

  • osgp-adapter-domain-admin, Management functions domain logic
  • osgp-adapter-domain-core, Generic functions domain logic
  • osgp-adapter-domain-distributionautomation, Distribution Automation functions domain logic
  • osgp-adapter-domain-microgrids, Microgrids functions domain logic
  • osgp-adapter-domain-public-lighting, Public Lighting functions domain logic
  • osgp-adapter-domain-tariff-switching, Tariff Switching functions domain logic
  • osgp-adapter-domain-smart-metering, Smart Metering functions domain logic
  • osgp-adapter-domain-shared, Common classes used by these components
  • osgp-domain-core, Generic domain classes
  • osgp-domain-logging, Logging domain classes
  • osgp-domain-distributionautomation, Distribution Automation domain classes
  • osgp-domain-microgrids, Microgrids domain classes
  • osgp-domain-tariff-switching, Tariff Switching domain classes
  • osgp-logging, Logging incoming requests and outgoing responses of the Web Service Layer and logging calls to and from devices

Message Routing Layer

  • osgp-core, Message Routing to Protocol Adapters
  • osgp-core-db-api, Database Access Control for Protocol Adapters

The components have dependencies.

  • shared, Common classes used by the OSGP Components
  • osgp-dto, Data Transfer Objects

Open smart grid platform information and news

High-level project information and news can be found on the open smart grid platform website:

Open smart grid platform detailed documentation:

Open smart grid platform issue tracker:

Built using Java 8.

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