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IBM Operational Decision Manager on Docker.

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Deploy IBM Operational Decision Manager on Docker from Dev to Production

This repository centralizes the material to deploy IBM Operational Decision Manager in Docker. It includes Docker files and Docker compose descriptors. Docker files are used to build images of ODM runtimes. And docker-compose descriptor can be used to group this build, push to your repository and run your topology from Development to production.

IBM ODM is a decisioning platform to automate your business policies. Business rules are used at the heart of the platform to implement decision logic on a business vocabulary and run it as web decision services.


In addition to this repository about ODM on Docker, there is a dedicated repository to deploy ODM on Kubernetes and the IBM Operational Decision Manager for Developers docker image in dockerhub.

Deploying ODM Rules in the following environments

This documentations applies to Operational Decision Management Standard V8.10.x and to earlier versions up to v8.8.x.


Issues and contributions

For issues relating specifically to the Dockerfiles and scripts, please use the GitHub issue tracker. For more general issue relating to IBM Operational Decision Manager you can get help through the ODMDev community or, if you have production licenses for Operational Decision Manager, via the usual support channels. We welcome contributions following our guidelines.

License tracking with IBM License Service

Refer to the Add IBM License Metering annotations page to enable license tracking in IBM License Service.


Apache 2.0


© Copyright IBM Corporation 2018.

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