Bergen Layered Ocean Model
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BLOM: Bergen Layered Ocean Model

This is the source code of BLOM and includes the ocean biogeochemistry model iHAMOCC. BLOM is the ocean component of the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESMhub/NorESM).

BLOM documentation

Since BLOM is mainly used in connection with the NorESM system, the BLOM user documetation has been integrated into the general NorESM documentation on ReadTheDocs (

The BLOM wiki contains information about BLOM-specific topics that is not considered relevant for the general NorESM documentation:

  • working with the BLOM git repository on gitHub
  • running BLOM/iHAMOCC stand-alone test cases
  • details about model structure

Building a stand-alone BLOM executable with meson

When compiling BLOM with NorESM, the NorESM build system should be used. A stand-alone BLOM executable can be built by using the meson build system. To build the code ensure that Meson is available. The following will build the default version of BLOM without MPI.

$ meson setup builddir --buildtype=debugoptimized
$ meson compile -C builddir

The executable blom file will then be stored in the ./builddir directory.

See the BLOM/iHAMOCC stand-alone wiki page for further instructions on how to configure the meson build system.

Running tests

After successfully building the code it can be a good idea to test that the code behaves as expected and changes to the code does not affect the output.

Tests can be run with the following:

$ meson test -C builddir

The previous command will run all the test suites defined for BLOM. To run tests quicker one can select a few tests to run or just a single test suite. To list the available tests run meson test -C builddir --list. One can then run a single test with:

$ meson test -C builddir "run single_column"

Contribute to BLOM/iHAMOCC development

The file includes instructions on how to contribute to the BLOM/iHAMOCC model system. The BLOM wiki includes more detailed instructions on how to work with the BLOM git repository with your own fork on gitHub.


BLOM is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License - see the COPYING and COPYING.LESSER files for details.

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