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Alternatives To Nbox
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🧐 What is Nbox?

nbox provides first class API support for all infrastructure (NBX-Build, Jobs, Deploy) and services (NBX-Workspaces) components. Write jobs using nbox.Operators


# on macos find the correct wheel file based on python version:
pip install <wheel_url>
pip install nbox

# on linux
pip install nbox

🤷Why NimbleBox

  • Write and execute code in Python
  • Document your code that supports mathematical equations
  • Create/Upload/Share notebooks
  • Import notebooks from your local machine
  • Import/Publish notebooks from/to GitHub
  • Import external datasets (e.g. from Kaggle)
  • Integrate PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV
  • Share your projects
  • Collaborate with your team

🚀 Startup Program


If you're a new startup with(<$1M raised,<3 years since founded) then you're in luck to be the part of our startup program!

Get $420k worth of deals on your favorite tools

Check it out !

🎚 Features

🏗️ Freedom To Build

Build Landing Page (2)

🦾 Automate with Ease

Jobs Landing Page

🚀 Intuitive Dashboard

Deploy Landing Page

🏁 Get Started

Install the package from pypi:

When loading nbox for the first time, it will prompt you the username and password and create a secrets file at ~/.nbx/secrets.json. This file then contains all the information that you don’t have to fetch manually again.


Our APIs are deep, user functions are kept to minimum and most relavant. This documentation contains the full spec of everything, but here’s all the APIs you need to know:

├── Model          # Framework agnostic Model
│   ├── __call__
│   ├── deploy
│   ├── train_on_instance (WIP)
│   └── train_on_jobs (WIP)
├── Operators      # How jobs are combinations of operators
│   ├── __call__
│   └── deploy
├── Jobs           # For controlling all your jobs
│   ├── logs       # stream logs right on your terminal
│   └── trigger    # manually trigger a job
└── Instance
   ├── __call__    # Run any command on the instance
   └── mv (WIP)    # Move files to and from NBX-Build

Deploy and run any model

Let's take this script as an example

from nbox import operator, Operator
from import ShellCommand

# define your function and wrap it as an operator
def foo(x: Dict):
  return "bar"

# or use OO to deploy an API
class Baz():
  def __init__(self, power: int = 2):
    # load any model that you want
    self.model = load_tf_pt_model()
    self.power = power
  def forward(self, x: float = 1.0):
    return {"pred": x ** self.power}    

Through your CLI:

# to deploy a job
nbx jobs upload file:foo 'my_first_job'

# to deploy an API
nbx serve upload file:Baz 'my_first_api'

🛟 How to get help?

Join our discord and someone from our community or engineering team will respond!

🔖Read our Blog.

🧩 License

The code in thist repo is licensed as Apache License 2.0. Please check for individual repositories for licenses.

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