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Push notifications - Capacitor

¡Hi world! This it's a simple mobile application built with Ionic and Capacitor to demonstrate how to register for and receive "push-notifications" on Android/iOS.

💻 Requirements

  • NPM
  • Android Studio & SDK Manager API +30
  • Firebase: Create account and project


Install Ionic & Angular:

npm install -g @ionic/cli
npm install -g @angular/[email protected]

Install dependencies:

npm install

Compile code to later copy them to platforms (Android / iOS):

ionic build

Create android platform (Native compilation code)

npx cap add android

Android Push Preparation

  1. Create account firebase:

Create account firebase & generate json for connect with your app (android / ios) Add your google-services.json in android/app/.

  • Create project:
  • Add Firebase to Android:
  • It's very important that your android package name is equal to appId of the capacitor file of your project: capacitor.config.json.
  • Download your google-services.json and add in your project in android/app/
  1. Add in build.gradle:

In your android/app/build.gradle

apply plugin: ''
    dependencies {
            implementation platform('')
            implementation ''

In your android/build.gradle

 buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath ''
        classpath ''
        classpath ''
  1. Copy all changes to an android platform
npx cap sync
  1. Open android project:
npx cap open android

5.Finally Sync project with gradle files > Android studio and RUN App.

That it's all...

** Additional note (summary of push notifications code in angular) :

In angular the code for register and receive push notifaction is in src>app>home>

  • 4 events that are listening when a device is registered or a push notification is sent.
    // On success, we should be able to receive notifications
      (token: Token) => {
          alert('Push registration success, token: ' + token.value);
      // Some issue with our setup and push will not work
        (error: any) => {
          alert('Error on registration: ' + JSON.stringify(error));
      // Show us the notification payload if the app is open on our device
        (notification: PushNotificationSchema) => {
          alert('Push received: ' + JSON.stringify(notification));
      // Method called when tapping on a notification
        (notification: ActionPerformed) => {
          alert('Push action performed: ' + JSON.stringify(notification));
  • 1 function to "request permissions & register device with token". (On Android it doesn't prompt for permission because you can always receive push notifications, but on iOS it depends on the user's selection.
      PushNotifications.requestPermissions().then(result => {
        if (result.receive === 'granted') {
          // Register with Apple / Google to receive push via APNS/FCM
        } else {
          // Show some error
    } else {
        console.log("PushNotifications.requestPermissions() -> Its a not device mobile")

** skeleton project with functionalities:

  • Register and generate token for push notifications.
  • Subscribe by topics.
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