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Gatsby Starter Portfolio Cara1,370
3 months ago0bsdTypeScript
Playful and Colorful One-Page portfolio featuring Parallax effects and animations. Especially designers and/or photographers will love this theme! Built with MDX and Theme UI.
React Portfolio Template933
5 months ago80bsdJavaScript
Modern React Portfolio Template (FREE)
20 hours ago8mitSCSS
A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme for Jekyll with Bootstrap
Code Resume277
3 years ago10mitJavaScript
Build your own Resume 📖 in seconds
Web Portfolio245
2 years ago2JavaScript
Personal portfolio website made with the React
4 months agomitTypeScript
TailwindCSS based personal branding template. Built with react and framer-motion
Hugo Elate Theme152
5 years ago13mitHTML
A one page parallax theme with animation for Hugo
Interactive Portfolio129
2 months ago5mitHTML
A clean, beautiful and responsive portfolio templete with using only HTML and css. Later on add some javascript for animation and designing.
a year agoTypeScript
🔷 My lovely portfolio built with React, NextJS, and TailwindCSS
23 days agoJavaScript
A DevFolio/Developer Portfolio built using ReactJs, Sanity CMS and Animation libraries.
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Welcome to my personal website!

This is my first side project since I started my professional career on September 2021 (as a full-time Frontend Software Engineer)

Live at


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  • A music radio that can play music uninterruptedly, even when the network is slow or losing connection, or even if the screen is off or the device is locked (Android devices)
  • Well performance optimizations including dynamic fps limit, using custom code instead of JavaScript builtin functions, precise timing for heavy tasks, using the Performance tab of Dev tools, etc. resulting in a very smooth experience with high framerate, even on mobile devices
  • Fault tolerance crypto price tracking widget that can recover to work properly after an interruption event (caused by networking issues, etc.)
  • Precise time info from the clock widget, it matches the system's time in seconds
  • No framework or library involved, everything is written from scratch


  • A music radio with a long list of good songs
  • Music visualization, emphasizing bass and treble
  • Creative and beautiful-looking design
  • Good optimizations to deliver high framerate
  • Crypto price tracking in real-time using Binance WebSocket
  • Current weather info using OpenWeatherMap API
  • A clock widget to show date and time
  • A small game in the background where people can interact with the falling dots behind an invisible wall


  • Users should consider using Chrome browser (on PC and mobile devices) for the best experience as most of the logic is implemented based on the documentation of Chrome
  • Currently, browsers on iOS do get some restrictions, especially on audio playback and background stuff. I spent more than a week just to make sure the audio was played correctly on iOS. Still, the audio will stop immediately after the screen turns off or the user switches to another application
  • Another known issue on iOS is about opening a new tab, iOS tends to block "pop-ups" and thus, opening new tabs may get banned and only can be done if the user does allow that
  • Because audio is playing via a browser, not directly when compared to a native app, and thus, sometimes, the audio playback can be throttled or the tab can be even reloaded due to memory need for other purposes
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