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Nexmo APIs Quickstart Examples for Node.JS

Quickstarts also available for: Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby

The purpose of the quickstart guide is to provide simple examples focused on one goal. For example, sending an SMS, handling an incoming SMS webhook or making a Text to Speech call.

Configure with Your Nexmo API Keys

To use this sample you will first need a Nexmo account. Once you have your own API credentials, rename the .env-example file to .env and set the values as required.

For some of the examples, you will need to buy a number.

Tutorials & Sample Code


Tutorial Code Sample
How to Send SMS Messages with Node.js and Express send-express.js
How to Receive SMS Messages with Node.js and Express receive-express.js
How to receive an SMS Delivery Receipt from a Mobile Carrier with Node.js dlr-express.js


Tutorial Code Sample
How to Make an Outbound Text-to-Speech Phone Call with Node.js make-calls.js
How to Handle Inbound Phone Calls with Node.js receive-call-webhook.js
How to Direct Inbound Phone Calls to an Endpoint with Failover with Node.js receive-call-webhook-failover.js
How to Record Audio from Incoming Calls with Node.js record-call.js
How to Make a Private Phone Call with Node.js proxy-call.js


Tutorial Code Sample
Two-Factor Authentication 2fa.js and UI code

Request More Examples

Please raise an issue to request an example that isn't present within the quickstart. Pull requests will be gratefully received.


  • The code samples in this repo are under MIT

  • The tutorials contents are under Creative Commons, CC-BY-SA 4.0

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