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A Curated List of Prometheus Exporters

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Definition of is an application for the Prometheus Exporters community. is not just a curated list, but also provides exporter installation guide, alert rule configuration, and dashboard configuration. Each exporter's page contains the followings:

  • Official GitHub (Origin Repository)
  • Resource (Install, Exported Metrics)
  • Alert-rule (Recommended)
  • Dashboard (Grafana)
  • Star (linked to Github Origin Repository)
  • Fork to bucket (linked to personal Github Repository)
  • Edit Dashboard and Alert-rule by Admin recommends the best-fit exporter(s) to support Prometheus monitoring needs in enterprise environments with complex and closed network security settings.

To help and ease you with best-practice Prometheus, discovers and recommends the best-fit exporter(s) available to expose metrics data from your specific systems and services being monitored.

The features that distinguish from other applications are:

  • [x] Installation Guide, Metric Collection Flags, Recommended Alert-rule
  • [x] Card Style GitHub Page
  • [x] Admin Authorizaion(linked to organization of Github)
  • [x] Register exporters, edit Dashboard and Alert by Admin(linked to Github organization Repository)
  • [x] Easy search of Exporters
  • [x] Personalization(fork/delete the exporter linked to Github personal Repository)
  • [ ] NexClipper Cloud Integration (coming soon)
    • [ ] Install exporters automatically
    • [ ] Generate Alert Rules
    • [ ] Recommend best-fit exporter(s)
  • [ ] Dev's Choice(coming soon)
    • [ ] Share my bucket
    • [ ] Search bar

Demo Video

  • Image click to Youtube for the full examples and guides:

Diagram Overview

  • Image click to Youtube:
    • Diagram Overview


0. Ready: Token is required for GitHub information crawling

※ Github env settings below must be done under organization account settings, not in personal.

1. Create organization

2. Fork NexClipper/ to organization, not to personal account.

3. Create and register an OAuth app under your organization.

  • 1) Click developer settings tab of organization. While you create OAuth Apps, please take note of redirect url of authentication.


  • 2) Client ID, Client Secrets, and callback url(Service URL) are required for authentication.

4. Write docker-compose.yml accordingly.

  • "NEED_TO_SET_UP" parts are to be revised in ./.envfile, with the reference .env.SAMPLE file at /

  • "NEED_TO_SET_UP" parts are to be linked to docker-compose.yml as below:

5. build image before running

  • run the command make build at /

6. Run by default(in localhost)

  • run the command make run at /

7. Or, Run for external network

  • If you want to run the server in extenal server or instance, please make sure to input SERVICE_URL and CALLBACK_URL as same as below
    image: nexclipper/exporterhub:release-fe0.3.4
      - "${SERVICE_PORT}:3000"
       SERVICE_PUBLIC: "n"
       # You can add and modify below setup to './.env' file for externel configuration without security issue.
  • then, run the command make run at /

8. Initial Check & Set

  • Inintial settings are done if you get landing page with exporter cards as below.


Easy to Update a list of exporters by Pull Request as below

Tag rule for Build in the

exporterhub Frontend build tag

  • Source pattern of Tag: /^fe([0-9.]+)$/
    • ex) fe0.2.0 -> nexclipper/exporterhub:release-fe0.2.0

exporterhub API server build tag

  • Source pattern of Tag: /^api([0-9.]+)$/
    • ex) api0.3 -> nexclipper/exporterhub-api:release-api0.3

Docker image registry



Contributions are welcome! If you have Specific exporter to contribute to, feel free to send issues or pull requests.
Please join us!:

Service Map


License is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for the full license text.


  • Main branch has been changed from master

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