NeuGen is made for generation of dendritic and axonal morphology of realistic neurons and networks in 3D
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Neural Network built in Apple Playground using Swift
7 days ago14agpl-3.0Python
Simulation of spiking neural networks (SNNs) using PyTorch.
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simple neural network library in ANSI C
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Neural network OCR.
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:rocket: Blazing fast neuro-evolution & backpropagation for the browser and Node.js
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3 years agomitPython
A single handwritten digit classifier, using the MNIST dataset. Pure Numpy.
5 days ago41August 22, 202056otherPython
SpikingJelly is an open-source deep learning framework for Spiking Neural Network (SNN) based on PyTorch.
Deep Learning Illustrated543
a month ago6mitJupyter Notebook
Deep Learning Illustrated (2020)
3 years ago2mitPython
Code for paper "Synthesizing the preferred inputs for neurons in neural networks via deep generator networks"
Spiking Neural Network434
4 years ago7apache-2.0Python
Pure python implementation of SNN
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NeuGen is made for generation of dendritic and axonal morphology of realistic neurons and networks in 3D

NeuGen generates nonidentical neurons of morphological classes of the cortex, e.g., pyramidal cells and stellate neurons, and synaptically connected neural networks in 3D. It is based on sets of descriptive and iterative rules which represent the axonal and dendritic geometry of neurons by inter-correlating morphological parameters. The generation algorithm stochastically samples parameter values from distribution functions induced by experimental data. The generator is adequate for the geometric modelling and for the construction of the morphology.

The generated neurons can be exported into a 3D graphic format for visualization and into multi-compartment files for simulations with the program NEURON. NeuGen is intended for scientists aiming at simulations of realistic networks in 3D.

CI Build Status (master) Build status (devel) Codacy Badge License: GPL v3

Build prerequisites

  1. Ant >= 1.9
  2. JDK >= 6 and JDK <= 12

Howto build NeuGen

  1. Netbeans: Clean & Build
  2. Ant: ant release from NeuGen folder

Howto run NeuGen

  1. Netbeans: Run File
  2. Terminal: Go to rls folder - execute run script according to your OS


NeuGen 2.0 - git tag v2.0 Current development on devel branch, current stable on master branch. See also the project website NeuGen and NeuroBox3D.


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