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Shaarli Plugin Emojione

Add colorful emojis to your Shaarli.


cd plugins
git clone

Or download the zip archive and extract it in plugins/emojione.

Then activate the new plugin.


ASCII Smiley is deactivated by default.
To activate it, edit assets/js/emojione.js:

emojione.ascii = false; /* change to 'true' to have ASCII conversion */

SVG is the default format for emojis. If you prefer PNG, edit assets/js/emojione.js:

emojione.imageType = 'svg'; /* change to 'png' to have emojis in PNG */

The autocomplete function is deactivated by default.
To activate it, edit emojione.php:

     * Uncomment the five lines below to use the autocomplete function.
     * If your theme use jquery, let the second line commented.
#    if($data['_PAGE_'] === Router::$PAGE_EDITLINK){
#        $data['js_files'][] = PluginManager::$PLUGINS_PATH . '/emojione/assets/js/jquery.min.js';
#        $data['js_files'][] = PluginManager::$PLUGINS_PATH . '/emojione/assets/js/textcomplete.min.js';
#        $data['js_files'][] = PluginManager::$PLUGINS_PATH . '/emojione/assets/js/autocomplete.js';
#    }


The plugin and the options are fully compatible with these themes:

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