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Ansible Keepass Plugin

Use become (sudo) in Ansible without giving any password and safely. This plugin connects to keepassHTTP or KeepassXC Browser to request the password. The connection is encrypted and requires a first confirmation. The token for Keepass HTTP is stored using the keyring of the system and the passwords are only accessible while the Keepass database is open.


Clone or copy the plugin included:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/share/ansible/plugins/vars
sudo curl \
     -o /usr/local/share/ansible/plugins/vars/

Set the var plugins directory to the same directory that contains in ansible.cfg:


vars_plugins = /usr/local/share/ansible/plugins/vars

And install requirements from requirements.txt file in this project (install the modules in the same environment as Ansible):

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


This project supports KeepassHTTP and KeepassXC Browser. This plugin is able to detect your Keepass program automatically but if you have issues define the environment variable KEEPASS_CLASS (available values: KeepassXC and KeepassHTTP).

Ansible-keepass uses the url of the entry to find the entry to use. In the Keepass entries you must specify the url using the name of the inventory or inventory group. For example:

ssh:<inventory name>

Or including username:

ssh:<username>@<inventory name>

That is all! If you do not set a password now Ansible will ask Keepass for the password. You can try this plugin using:

$  ansible <host_name> -a "/usr/bin/hdparm -C /dev/sda" --become


These are the security measures adopted by Keepass and this plugin:

  1. Keepass requests link permission the first time. This plugin stores the session using the OS Keyring.
  2. Keepass can authorize access permission for each key individually.
  3. Keys can not be listed using Keepass HTTP/XC Browser. A possible attacker must know key urls.
  4. The connection between this plugin and Keepass is encrypted.
  5. Passwords are not accessible while the Keepass database is closed.

This plugin can be more secure than copy&paste: a malware installed on your machine can listen for changes in the clipboard. This plugin depends on the security of the OS Keyring and your personal password.

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