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about Friggeri CV

Friggeri CV is an elegant Curriculum Vitae template for LaTeX/XeTeX originally written and released by Adrian Friggeri.

In this work the original template is updated/upgraded and fitted to my personal needs.

what's new

  • the default font (Helvetica) is replaced by the open source font Roboto from Google, available free of charge here
  • A4 paper size is now available for the CV class. This option can be set in the document class declaration as usual, e.g.:
  • two new options for the document class are available, lightheader and nocolors. The former will remove the dark background on the header, the latter will remove all colors from the document. The old print option is deprecated but the same effect can be obtained by turning on the previous two options

  • the "contact box" in the side section now shows informations on social networks with glyphs from the most common platforms including facebook, twitter, vk, linkedin

  • names of articles, book, publications, etc. are now active links to actual contents (web pages, files...). You have to make sure an url field is specified in your bibliography entries to make this work.


A part from this screenshot you can check the content of the example folder of this repo for the actual PDFs.

friggeri cv example

building notes

This LaTeX template uses TikZ for the header, XeTeX and fontspec for custom fonts, biblatex/biber to print publications and textpos for the aside.

A basic compilation workflow would be:

git clone
cd cv-friggeri-x
xelatex cv
biber cv
xelatex cv


This work is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.

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